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  • Terragent

    Wolfe’s nailing his colours to the mast there.

  • Falco

    At first I wasn’t sure whether Wolfe was being consciously manipulative or just being Wolfe… then I realised Mal would be able to tell if it was the former. Oh Wolfe, you are a stand-up dude.

    • amusingmurff

      Just because it’s not malicious desnt mean it’s not manipulation of a sort. Wolfe *is* a decent man, but he knows Mal is, too, and knows that the best way to have Mal admit to being willing to help is to lead by example and help Mal rise above his fears

      • billydaking

        However, can you see Wolfe leaving given the circumstances, regardless of what’s going on with Mal?

        That’s the best thing about this–Wolfe deciding to stay is genuinely his own decision. If Mal leaves, Mal’s safely out of Widdershins, and given how Mal reacted, Wolfe knows he has good reason to leave. But Wolfe isn’t going to run. Especially not with Ben staying as well. No manipulation; he’s simply leaving Mal’s choice to stay or go entirely with Mal. And telling him, rather than abandoning Mal to his decision to run. A friend doesn’t do that; if you have time, you say goodbye.

    • SpiralingVortices

      In my mind, Wolfe is very much like Captain Carrot from the Discworld series. He might seem outwardly simple at times, however it would be a serious mistake to discount his intelligence.

      Perhaps a better word for what Wolfe is doing would be “interaction”. Though technically the same as manipulation, it doesn’t carry the selfish, negative connotations that “manipulation” has.

      • Sapphire altera


        … although less simple than just “optimistically naive”… so maybe more of a Twoflower?

        (and now I feel like I have seen this discussion in the comments before…haha)

        • Kyle Hamilton

          Nah, Twoflower didn’t seem to have too much sense of his own agency, and much of his naivete was based on cultural differences. But the Carrot that was fresh from the dwarven caves had a deeply-rooted penchant for doing The Right Thing.

          We’ve not seen Wolfe do anything Wrong (i.e., for the wrong reasons), and he did suffer for trying to do the Right Thing (which led to his absconding with O’Malley in the first place)… but we’ve also seen him continue focusing on things that were out of the ordinary (Sloth-infused lamp oil) even in the face of discouragement. He seems to be much more familiar with fitting into foreign cultures, too.

          So, yeah, I think Wolfe is much more of a Carrot than a Twoflower.

    • Ilmari

      Well, in a way, psychotherapy is all about manipulation. For all that the word has negative connotations, manipulation can be used benevolently just as much as it can be used maliciously.

  • 50% Pain

    Someone give me a bronze because i’m third.

  • Ha, so clever! And I agree with Falco, he is just being Wolfe nevertheless. The mood and colors are great and well fitted in this page (I mean, particularly in this page).

  • CountSessine

    Now let’s watch Mal try to talk Wolfe into coming away with him. We know by now that if Wolfe has decided to stay, he’s immovable.

    Hm. Actually, Mal knows this too, better than anyone.

    • Shihchuan

      And knowing that Mal is the ultimate tsundere of the whole universe……;)

  • kuku

    Yay, Wolfe. And you know you don’t want to leave him, Mal.

  • I expect Herr Wolfe wants to stay because of the new exciting vibrant atmosphere of Widdershins. It’s going to be just like Ibiza now all the deadly sins are released there. It has a bright new future as Britain’s most popular holiday destination.

    • Sanjay Merchant


    • He could also want to stay to meet Florrie again.

  • Shannon

    Well played, sir, well played

    • AJ

      Is that a musician pun? Because if it is I swear to the tree-tops…!

  • Winger

    Oh Wolfe. You are my most favourite personification of an outsourced moral compass.

    And hm! I’d wondered before how much of Mal’s dodgy past he’d shared with Wolfe. Apparently there are at least a few pointed holes in whatever tale was spun over the years.

    (Panel 4 Mal is a Relatable Feel, and I really like the sky in this scene.)

    • CountSessine

      Yes. And about that sky… What time of day is it now? It’s not still dawn, surely (too much has happened), and not yet sunset. The sky was orange even when Mal awoke, but… hey, maybe that was just sunrise. It started to be all stripey and strange once Wrath was released.

      I think we should be worried. Those colours may just be visible in Mal-vision.

  • Sapphire363

    This has to be in my top 3 favourite pages, if not my favourite page, in this comic.

    Actually no, this page is just an example of the many reasons I love this comic to bits.

    • AJ

      I think that nearly every time.

  • Sapphire363

    All the oddly coloured extras are fighting! The sins are feeding!

    • Sapphire363

      And then there’s the one sleeping dude in the window who’s probably giving sloth a feast.

      • Sapphire363

        And the tiny black silhouette in the background stealing something.

        I love the details! Well done Ms. Ashwin!

        • The Wing

          Isn’t the tiny black silhouette in the background Mal? And everyone’s pissed off because he barged through them unceremoniously? I might have misread this page. OuO

      • Darkoneko Hellsing

        That’d probably be me.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Actually, I can’t tell if Maroon Guy and Brown Girl in the middle-background are fighting or what. He seems to be smiling (Lust?) and she’s either yelling at him (Wrath) or telling a story (Pride, probably).

      Oooh, also, what if Green Woman is being influenced by Envy? She’s pointing at Purple Lady’s purse.

      Of course, most of these people are probably getting heady cocktails of various sins in combination, so….

      • Sanjay Merchant

        If my theories are correct, everything’s represented except Gluttony. The closest I can find is the window of the tavern has a weird greenish cast, which might be meant to represent Gluttony’s influence or might be just green-tinted glass.

        • Haven

          It’s the fingerkings.

    • Zhirah

      You gotta love that attention to detail!

      • Sapphire363


  • John

    Mal, you know what Wolfe’s sense of responsibility is like. The only reason you know him at all is that he stayed to take care of you after he accidentally got you shot. He’s not leaving without doing everything he can to stop the deadlies. Are you really going to let him do this without you?

    • CountSessine

      No…, no, he’s not going to. He’s staying.

      He probably already knows he’s lost this one, but he still has to put up some sort of a fight.

    • Dud

      Wolfe may have been affected himself – he appears to have stolen the cord from the first frame to make a fiddle-case sling.

      • John

        I had not noticed that, but you’re right that the cord he’s using to carry his violin in frames 2-6 is clearly not in his possession in frame 1.

        • CountSessine

          The cord might have been coiled inside the violin case.

          Or, knowing Wolfe… even with the Deadlies on the loose, he could have asked someone nicely as he walked through the streets and had it given to him.

          • Dud

            It’s hanging on the rail in frame #1

            • CountSessine

              Ah, so it is! What a lucky chance!

  • MoeLane

    O’Malley, Wolfe is a luxury that you’re not always going to have. If you’re gonna be the Witch of Widdershins, you’re gonna need to learn to exercise that backbone of yours.

    • AJ

      One step at a time, dude! C’mon. He’s only gotten as far as accepting a bare minimum of responsibility one time in his life!

  • Euodiachloris

    Well, I think the violin is going to be getting some exercise… :)

  • maeverin

    Wolfe is the bestest friend. not pushing Mal one way or the other here because that would backfire horribly.

  • Winger

    Also…heck. It was the place that had him baulk so hard, and thus the cells are relevant. Sad jazz-hands for team conspiracy.

    An outright asylum seems a little strong, if only because this is a world where magic is real, and Mal has a genuine, measurable magical talent. Unless his sight was a lot more erratic in his youth, it doesn’t take much to realise he does have something going on. (Nicola’s police wizards pegged him for magic very quickly, after all, though the mechanics of that are unclear.) But a consultant or doctor, perhaps? A wizard who was supposed to help, but whose methods weren’t entirely scrupulous?

    Supporting evidence: reference to tests and poking; a bias against wizards and spellery that arguably goes beyond mere headaches (the Lamplighters thought they had a convert in him, after all); stubbornly playing intellectually dead whenever Ben tries to teach him anything magic-related; enough familiarity with Widdershins and its systems to know about duff degrees and bugger-ups.

    Uncertain evidence: the faded remnants of an Irish traveller accent, the illiteracy (not necessarily unusual for the times, but unusual among the cast), and whether or not his reaction to being called a witch was as disproportionate as I keep thinking it might just be.

    Contradictory evidence: tragically I am still not Ms Ashwin and may be riding a runaway horse into completely the wrong sunset. But it’s a nice horse at least.

    • buam

      I think Acedia may have held him there.

      • Falco

        Hmm, good catch…

      • Winger

        Ooh. That is an excellent little point. And it would bring the pieces together in such a way as to leave one averse to Widdershins, wizards, and anyone who might throw the word witch at him…by jove you may just have cracked it.

        • Winger

          Guess now I’ll just have to stare into the distance and attempt to divine, from thin air, whether Acedia mistreated Mal or whether he maybe accidentally tenured as an assistant supervillain this one time. It’s good to have hobbies.

          • Tikatu

            She did say something about having a “cleaner”….

  • Del

    I am counting the number of consecutive pages with no tobacco.

    Haven’t seen a pipe since Harry last tapped her ash on April 26.
    Of course, Mal was puffing a cigarette before Wrath burst on May 31.

    (Just in case Kate thinks we are only concerned with relationships and stuff.)

    • hey there was plenty of smoke when that house burned down

      • Del

        Yeah…. It was a Condor moment.

      • Storel

        Yes, but that’s not tobacco smoke, unless they were storing some bales of tobacco in the attic…

  • Alétheia

    mmmph… I’dbeshippingthemlikemadatthispointifIwasn’tholdingoutforMalbeingace,justsayin’. Hah. XD;

  • billydaking

    Further evidence that Wolfe is the Zen Master….with Wrath rampaging around Widdershins, and even our heroes showing their tempers….Wolfe is still the same bright light he always was.

    Start playing, my man.

  • Knowing when to leave it and when to push it is pretty important.

    you’ve got to know when to hold ’em,
    know when to fold ’em
    know when to walk away
    know when to run…

  • Frame #2 looks like the town from Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”, except at sunset. Was that intentional?

    • No, but I’m okay with that!

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