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July 29th, 2015

July 29th, 2015 published on 34 Comments on July 29th, 2015

If you’re wondering if she is really big or if he is really small, the answer is yes.

Sorry for the slowness on this one, it’s always a bit of a slog after a convention. Also, I’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on the Kickstarter for Volume 5! Look for that very, very soon- I’ll link it on my Twitter, my Tumblr, and will post an update on the last Kickstarter project when it’s live! There’ll be a banner here too, of course!

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    aah, I imagine just how draining convention must be when you manage a booth full time.

    Rest well !

  • Lightseid

    Bring me my fainting couch, Ms Superbia is back and I can’t deal.

    • Dave

      There’s a chaise longue in one of the other cellars. We can push it in here, but it’ll probably dislodge a few rats…
      Fancy a cuppa as well?
      …How many lumps?

  • D. Schwartz

    I have to say I find Ms. Superbia kind of enthralling.

    • SpiralingVortices

      Don’t you mean… “Superb”?

      (I regret nothing!)

      • D. Schwartz


    • Columbine

      You’re not alone. Although I think I was rather more visceral in my description than ‘enthralling’

  • Yes, there is a window you can get out.

    Yes, someone is watching it.


  • MoeLane

    GAH. *Neither* of them showed proper trigger discipline there. [EDIT: I blame the characters, not the artist. Henry is probably not too used to guns and Pride is, well, Pride.]

    • Dave

      Hope that’s a flintlock, or it’s just for show.
      …Either way, how do we know that Henry didn’t fully intend to shoot whomever was at the door?
      …& Pride doesn’t care about silly discipline rules [agreed]

      • Xanthipe

        Looks like an uncocked flintlock to me – the hammer is forward and the striking plate pushed back.

  • Sarah Hardister

    Awwww! It’s like picking up a kitten.

    • Haha, I did actually have a Google image search open of mother cats scruffing kittens.

  • kuku


  • Ganurath

    Wait a minute. Wait, wait a minute.
    …Is Invidia COCKNEY?!

    • Iituem

      Actually, from the drops I reckon she’s a Yorkshirewoman, but I may be a touch biased on that count.

      (Yorkshire girls, born and bred, strong in the arm, weak in the…)

      • Dave (Dabhaidh)

        Sit around all day carding wool, eh? Or waulking?
        …Frankly, I’d rather be walking than waulking, but then the tread wouldn’t be weak and the whole rhyme’d fall apart, nach eil?

      • Sanjay Merchant

        Shush, you’re ruining my headcanon in which Invidia is an Evil Eliza Doolittle.

        • SpiralingVortices

          How does Eliza Doolittle sound? I’ve always imagined Ms. Invidia of sounding like Anne Hathaway with an upperclass british accent.

    • Dave

      She ain’t using cant. But nor is she a buffle headed toff, yeh ken?

    • SpiralingVortices

      I believe she was just mocking Henry’s accent. That, or she’s… Envious of it!

    • French, actually!

      • Me-me

        Don’t worry Kate, that was my first guess ^_^

        • Quite alright, she’ll be making it abundantly obvious soon.

  • Dave

    Ooo! “Invy” is Envy!
    …Now I just gotta wait for the others to reveal themselves!

    • Eagle0600

      “Invy” is “Invidia”, who is, yes, Envy.
      Luxuria is Lust, Gula is Gluttony, Ira is Wrath, Avaritia is Greed, Superbia is Pride, and Acedia is Sloth.
      They’re all just the Latin names.


      • Dave

        Right, right… *just* the Latin names…
        Most of the Latin I deal with involves Ceanothus, Crocus, and Rhus …and various specific epithets… don’t see much classical use…

        • Worry not, it’ll be spelt out plainly!

  • Hm . . . in that last panel, Superbia’s expression seems to imply she thinks he’s cute . . . watch out, Henry!

  • That’s a relief, it’s just the villains come to kill them. I was afraid it might be Ms Holt’s employer come to find out why there is a distinct lack of gardening, only to discover her alone with a young man in her caravan, leading to instant dismissal without a reference.

  • Darth Fez

    Superbia is back for another round of musical chairs!

    Superbia: not green, with Envy.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    I still want there to be some sort of Widdershins/Punch Out mashup with Henry in the place of Little Mac vs Ms. Superbia.

  • Catkins

    Ms Superbia is too much, I can’t

  • Ilmari

    Invidia is French too? Now I find myself wondering about the others…

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