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  • HUNRonin

    Hmmm… that haircolour veeeery familiar.

  • God, I hate it when my kidnapper suddenly bursts into tears. Awkward…

  • That’s a bunny tattooed on her arm, isn’t it?

    • billydaking

      That’s El-ahrairah from the Watership Down film. Which I’ve watched far too many times, apparently….

      • pdSlooper

        I recognized it instantly. Good movie, book. Love the rabbit mythology.

      • Yep! And the black rabbit of Inle on the other arm.

      • I bet Ms King cooks a really mean rabbit pie…

  • Terragent

    I guess Harry and Nicola used up all of the backbone there was to go around amongst the Barber kids.

    • Snowy

      Well, if she’s the youngest, developing some serious inferiority complex is what i’d suspect, given who her siblings are: a dead serious police officer, a confident and sardonic hunter, a happy-go-lucky teaser, and a brother whom we have yet to see, but most likely added to her complex as well.

      I mean, look at it: amongst the sisters alone we have a police officer, a famous hunter, a rich wife and… a maid who is but one of many. What would you think of yourself if you were the latter?
      And seeing as her last name is Fenton, maybe she isn’t too happily married as well?

      Also, she kind of gives me a Miranda Lotto kind of feeling, which means she will probably turn out to be a late bloomer badass once she gains some (Alexa-induced) self-confidence. ^^

  • Me-me

    Oh, hey, no, that’s okay. You don’t have to explain yourself… stop crying… no, it’s fine, I’ll just sit here on the bed okay?

  • Sharkie

    Called it, went back in time.

    • Me-me

      Some of us called it from the cover page, you know.

      I got criticised for calling it…


  • Wait, which one is the criminal? ;)

  • CrystallineWolf

    Waaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiittt….this person has an increasing similarity to our well-known and loved Harriet Barber….But Harry isn’t wimpy!!!

  • Dawg

    Such a big bad bully!

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