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  • #092f0a

    “Dunno, your singing needs work.”

  • oops?

  • Eve

    Pluck his feathers, boys!

  • Meanwhile, in the Oval Office….

    • pisoprano

      I was looking for the oblong room. I’ll just be off then, shall I?

    • We need a photoshopped cover of Time with Pride on it now :P


        I didn’t realize just how pink this whole panel was until I opened it up in Photoshop. For a moment I thought something had gone wrong with the color profiles.

        • Nightsbridge

          Omg you beautiful monster what have you created

        • CountSessine

          Masterfully done. SO appreciating the careful details of your adaptation, there!

        • PERFECT

        • I’ve made some improvements

  • Seems a lot meaner than when they were Mecha-Pride.

    • Mecha-pride did try and peck Ms Cunningham to death. Then again, he also has his bad points…

    • Ghostdanser

      Gojira vs. Mecha-Pride…THAT is a movie I’d like to see!

  • Heylir

    Hmm. If I ever dared to “scorn or something” this thing, I would become very proud of my awesome bravery, indeed. :) Maybe, if this door frame is too narrow for it to squeeze…

  • AJ

    I never expect Pride to seem sinister. It seems so dumb and self-absorbed, and then suddenly I have chills.

  • Del

    Waiting for Lei’s appearance. She will be drawn to Pride’s aura.

    Voss & Butler won their battles for redemption. Will Lei’s affection for Sid win over her pride?

    I must confess: I cringe a bit at the depiction of Pride as mere vanity.

    Pride is the arrogance of imposing one’s personal will upon others and upon reality.
    – “My way or the highway.”
    – “Only I decide what is right and wrong and real for me.”

    There are seven Deadly Sins, and one of them has to be the hardest to get right as a character.

    Part of the excitement for me is anticipating how Kate, our master story-teller, is going to handle her most difficult challenge.

    • AJ

      Vanity is the most obvious manifestation of Pride, but we’ve already had Wolfe suckered by the pride of a clever thought. I think there’s more going on here than appearances suggest.

      • DataProwler Netizen

        Pride is vanity with substance. Things outside of one’s self are to be taken and used for one’s own gain without regards to others. Greed is value in gathered, gluttony is value in gathering. Pride is using everything for the sake of improving oneself in one’s own eyes.
        It is selfishness with intrinsic drive, a domineering force. Others are mere steppingstones. It is megalomanic and egomaniacal.

    • Liz

      Wellllll… you’ve got to remember that the 7 Deadly Sins are a specifically religious idea (sloth is being too lazy to do God’s will, gluttony is keeping good things for yourself instead of giving them up to the church or the poor, etc.), and so technically by giving the whole God question a wide berth, Ms. Ashwin’s depictions of all of the sins are inaccurate.

      However, if you figure the way I figure, Ms. Ashwin’s doing what zillions of people have done in the past and is taking a Christian theological idea and using creative liberties to spin it into something new (see: Indiana Jones parts 1 and 3, The Seven Deadly Sins anime, The DaVinci Code, pretty much anything creative that references the holy grail, etc.). So I’m not too upset that Pride isn’t going around shouting “I’m imposing my will over the will of God!” because tbh it really isn’t that kind of story, and this plays out better anyway.

      • Well, in the religious tradition pride isn’t necessarily imposing your will over God’s either, per se. I mean that’s one interpretation of it, but according to Bishop Robert Barron, the core idea of pride is that of viewing yourself from outside yourself, or rather viewing yourself from your ego. Not living in the moment and in reality. I found his explanation of pride very interesting (not to mention helpful), as it does explain why pride can manifest as superiority or as inferiority. Humility is then living “inside yourself”, concentrating on the world and on others instead of the effect you may be having and what others may be thinking of you.

        According to this interpretation/definition of pride, it would seem that the best way for Sid and Ben to fight Pride is to become absolutely absorbed in their task of defeating Pride, of dealing with the problem in the moment and keeping the end goal in mind, and not to think about the effect they might be having on each other or the effect Pride is having on them. Something like that maybe. (As someone said previously, Nora would have been ideal for this!)

        Link to Bishop Barron’s explanation, for the interested:

  • Heylir

    All these glasses made me think about the fantastic picture of Pride trying to flatter our heroes into mirrors. :))) But they may close their eyes in any moment. :)

  • Del

    Pride’s plumage is absolutely gorgeous!

    I don’t see colors well, you may recall. But I know gorgeous when I see it. Kate put a lot of thought into this color palette!

    • Dud

      Shhhhhhhhh … it’ll hear you. Kate obviously used the odd colours left in her box after she’d used up als the good ones.

    • Ocean Burning.

      Terrific! What I especially love about Pride’s color scheme is how different it is from the colors we usually see in Widdershins. Compared to the deep, rich colors and soft, muted colors most everywhere else, Pride’s bright purples, hot pinks and electric blues seem all the more shocking. And then seeing those colors reflected in the mirrors all around the room just adds to that attention-grabbing effect!

  • Dud

    “Sorry to intrude, We were told Pride is in here somewhere. Are you an assistant? Where’s your boss?” …

  • threadweaver

    It figures Pride would be in a main junction hall. All doors lead to it, and no matter what route you try to take there’s no avoiding it.

  • Nightsbridge

    I don’t actually know how they’ll try to defeat pride. Hm. But I guess that’s the best way to beat pride? Because if you’re ever sure of how, you’re proud?

    Boy, that’s . . . tough.

  • Emily

    I keep thinking of Sir Walter Elliot in Persuasion by Jane Austen, who has looking glasses all around his dressing room so he can admire himself constantly.

  • non_canon

    Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum! I smell a couple of Englishmen!

  • Nonesuch

    Hello, Pride, you freaky mutant peacock.

    • billydaking

      No worries. Pride probably appreciates the attention.

  • Nonesuch

    Hello, Pride, you freakish mutant peacock….

    • Nonesuch

      Oops. Please excuse the double post! ^^;

  • Brother Nightmare

    Well, the good news if for pride to shove these two into a mirror, she’d have to make them feel good about themselves. Not something I would bet she’s good at.

  • John

    And according to its Spot check, it found you too!

  • DataProwler Netizen

    Eh. Interior decoration leaves several things to be desired. Pride may be the most prideful, but certainly isn’t the best at flaunting it. Pride hasn’t made sculptures of itself, isn’t grandstanding in front of an audience, and is sequestered in a basement. Hardly what I call prideful enough. Not enough effort. 3 out of 10. Amateur. Lacks aesthetics.
    More a Vainglory than a Pride.

  • jumjumlp

    I’ve gotta say, this is probably one of my favorite strips that you have ever drawn Kate. The colours look magnificent, the background is just lovely and pride looks fantastic.

    You can be real proud of this one (for better or worse).

  • SandstormSinger

    Pride looks magnificent

    I wanted to say something funny but Pride just looks genuinely really cool. Maybe humility is the way to defeat it?

  • reynard61

    You want to defeat Pride? Ignore it. That’s right, just flat-out *ignore* it. There’s nothing that Pride (and Proud people) hate, Hate,*HATE(S)* more than other people (i.e. their inferiors) not noticing them. It’s quite the kick in the ego. (I think that it’s also why some bullies resort to physical violence — if you try to ignore them, then By God they’ll *MAKE* you notice them!)

    • Azmodan

      Well, that’s the rub. If you ignore Pride, it will MAKE you notice them. It won’t be enjoyable for you, and it will further its own pride as it overpowers and defeats you.

      You also don’t defeat pride by minimizing its accomplishments, ridiculing the effort it had to expend to accomplish its goals, or mock the time it took to reach its end game. That is all simply being prideful of someone/thing else.

      You need to find a way to force humility, in a way that doesn’t end up encouraging Pride’s accomplishments.

      Probably need to engage them disinterestedly?

      “I’ve never even considered trapping people in mirrors, but why would you? What does it really accomplish?”

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