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  • reynard61

    “I don’t want to set the world on fire! (At least not at the moment. I’ll get to *that* bit of fun later.) / I just want to eat a chunk of your heart…”

    • Some men just want to watch the witch burn

      • LSKollt

        *slow clap*

        • Sapphire363

          *veeery slow clap*

          • Sanjay Merchant

            *claps once, lets you all wait for a day or two for the next one*

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Well, when Nicola gets them, they’ll have to tell her “We didn’t start the fire”.

      • “You expect me to believe that?! You’re all nicked!”

  • JWLM

    Um, Kate? I don’t think that Sidney’s in this one. (Well, unless Ben is actually Sidney in disguise, that is. I can’t rule that out, I suppose.)

    • Oops, fixed!

      • Sapphire363

        I am now really sad I missed that

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Man, his condition is really something, if he can steal out-of-fiction credit for appearing in a scene.

      • CountSessine

        Hee! I so wish I could upvote this more than once.

  • Winger

    That’s your /house burning down/, Wolfe. Good lord, man, pay attention.

    Remnants seem to be something new! So spirits can create / summon / shed spirits of their own?

    • Hold tight. Wait ’til this party’s over. Hold tight. We’re in for nasty weather. There has got to be a way.

    • SomeGuy411

      It makes sense that the deadlies can spread themselves. Wrath begets wrath, after all. The question is, do virtues spread, too, or do they just act as stabilizers for an area?

    • Ilmari

      Wolfe is too chill to burn.

  • Pardon me sirs, but might I trouble you for a cup of sugar

    • Euodiachloris

      I think they’d probably be asking for arsenic, rather… Maybe laced with lead acetate. ;P

      • Why? Are they making a sauerkraut and toadstool sandwich?

  • Columbine

    I know I should probably fear for their safety….but the Barber women Are Coming so instead I’m waiting for Nicola to hit something and Harry to lose her pipe.

  • “Oh, hai. May I talk to you for a moment about the Book of Mormon?”

  • Sapphire363


  • Sapphire363

    I am assuming that “gott im himmel” means something along the lines of “god in heaven”
    rather ironic, seeing as they have the emotional equivalent of a demon on their tails

    • Nethead Jay

      It does indeed mean that

      • Sapphire363

        Thank you for clearing that up, good sir

    • das-g

      It might seem ironic, but just like “Oh mein Gott” (which literally translates to “OMG”), it’s more often used as an exclamation than as a statement/greeting/prayer/anything else where the literal meaning would be appropriate.

      And Wolfe is much too cultured and well-spoken to use “Was zur Hölle” or “Was zum Teufel” (literally “what by hell” / “what, by the devil, …” meaning roughly “WTH”) or even “WTF” (no German equivalent I can think of), even when what he’s facing is, actually and literally, some devilish entity from hell.

    • “Gott im himmel” is, literal translation, “god in heaven.”
      (I took German in high school)

  • Can we get Threnodi to do a cuddly toy version of the Remnant?

  • lurkerAbove

    Was there a change of the web-layout this week ?

    Because the header with “Archives – About – Cast …” now gets shown
    as a big column that takes the left half of the screen.

    With “Inspect-Elements”, that is DIV.widgets.content-header.columns-1,
    and I can get it to look normal again when I select DIV.#content.content
    and uncheck the ‘display’-rule in
    .content {
    display: flex;
    (style.css line 671).

    • What browser are you using, please?

      • LurkerAbove

        PaleMoon, a Firefox-variant.

        Here is a screenshot:

        • I’ll tell my buddy who is good with these things, because I honestly don’t have the first clue. I updated the site’s theme and it promptly broke everything in half, I am annoyed in the extreme.

  • Frankie D.

    Huh. The vote link seems to have stopped working today. It just goes to the main page, rather than the voting page…

    • CountSessine

      Top WebComics just revamped their website. At the moment, none of the voting links I’ve tried from various comics goes anywhere but their main page. Not only that, but when I try using the ‘Vote’ link for a comic ON their main page, it tells me I’ve already voted today.

      In other words, it’s their site that’s broken. Eventually they’ll get it fixed, no doubt. In the meantime, all we can do is wait for them to get their act together.

      • I changed the URL to match the new one, hopefully that should help! Ball’s in their court on that one though. I can’t even log in there any more, it seems!

        • Frankie D.

          Yeah, that seemed to work, or at least it took me to the right page. Said I’d already voted though, so maybe it’s not completely fixed…

          • CountSessine

            Voting now seems to work all right, too. For me, at any rate. If it doesn’t work for any of you, use the Top Webcomics contact link to tell them exactly what you were doing that didn’t work, because they’re trying to catch ALL the bugs.

      • rainycity1

        It appears to be working now… ;-)

  • AJ

    WHO SAID IT? Who invoked Murphy?

    • AJ

      Count Sessine did it. I should go back and rail at them.

    • CountSessine

      Oh, hello there, Hatred. Focused, concentrated… yes, that’s you all right. You’ll have to be bigger than that, though, if you’re going to take over the boss’s job.

  • Lemeres

    A remnant of wrath? So frustration? Minor annoyance? OH wait, I recognize this behavoir. it is “before your first cup of coffee in the morning”-ness

  • Shee Soon Theng

    Pushy, ain’t it?

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