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  • Me-me

    Hang on… he got the ability to speak a language without getting the ability to read and write? Did he even get the ability to write just then?

    • Valerie Kaplan

      If not, that would in theory leave the waiter with the ability to write but not read… which raises the interesting question of whether that is in any way possible.

      • DaintyMorsel

        Considering how language related disorders like aphasia work, it may very well be possible.

        (Link for the curious:

      • I think he’d be able to write it, but unable to understand what he’d just written if he came back to it later.

      • [deleted by poster]

    • Kenneth Raymond

      Probably more like he learned how to speak English from someone illiterate. And now he has literacy!

      • Or just forgot to take their ability to read English. Which would be nicer.

    • It’s a different skill! Mal can’t read or write either, remember?

      • svartalf

        Heh… Going to be a bit interesting, I think. Mal’s got few “skills” and one inherent ability. In fact, I’m looking forward to how this arc plays out- Chekov’s Gun and all… >:-D

        • He stole Chekhov’s gun too? Bastard!

    • alex

      speaking a language dose not mean you can read and write it heck some languages don’t even have a written form, we are born with vocal cords, we are not born with a pen and paper, speaking and writing are in different parts of the brain as well, so its not that hard to believe that he has to get each skill separate, he may also only be able to take one skill per person, hence why he had the ability to speak English but not read it.

    • billydaking

      Learning to speak in a language and learning to read or write in a language are two different things. Which is why you can speak when you first attend school…where you learn how to read and write.

  • rhapsha

    Oh dear, Voss still doesn’t plan ahead very well. He probably shouldn’t anger his meal ticket, and he probably should minimize his talent theft in a town filled with wizards.

    • GristleMcNerd

      Maybe he should’ve stolen the talents of someone with brains…

      • okapi

        can’t solve the problem if you can’t see it!

  • Cooper

    You know a spirit is serious when it starts using capslock.

  • Oh, is that Envy’s bauble on the eye patch? Poor waiter! At least he can still speak.

  • jat

    Man think of all the lives he’s ruined over three years…

  • The Wing

    I can’t wait till he’s taught a LESSON.

  • Bob McBob

    Anyone want to guess who Envy’s friends are and, more importantly, why he’s so eager to see them.

    • D. Schwartz

      Or are they “friends”.

    • svartalf

      They’re the rest of the loose deadlies (and we’ve got Greed, Sloth, Pride, and Gluttony loose in some manner…)

  • Red Admiral

    Really hoping all the talent goes back to its proper owners after he is separated from envy. I imagine a nervous breakdown will follow.

    • svartalf

      Would be fitting…

  • Sanjay Merchant

    You know, I just realized that Envy is the first of the Deadlies that doesn’t speak strictly in that… “Summoning Font” for lack of a better term.

    I’m also very curious to see what Mal sees when he looks at Voss now. I’m imagining all of the talents he’s stolen being attached to him. “Hail Hydra” indeed.

    • DocHarleen

      He spoke in that font until he jumped into Voss’s eye. (Well, there’s a sentence that’s never been typed before.)

  • McFrugal

    Wow, Envy must be sick and tired of Voss faffing about for three years, and now even when they’re finally here he’s still faffing about.

  • Michael Brewer

    I’m curious how this would have played out, if he hadn’t gotten the newspaper just now. Clearly, he’s going to read about Wolfe and company and hijinks will ensue, but, if he hadn’t, it seems likely that he’d have spent the day relaxing, then gone on a tour of the city tomorrow, including the anchor point (which is presumably where Envy wants to go) and then released Envy and …well, whatever it is they’re trying to do would have progressed further.

    I confess to being curious what Lust and Wrath will be like. Perhaps Lust will finally get Sid and Harry to go on a date.

    • GristleMcNerd

      One can only hope…

  • Flakes

    I love this comic!
    What a lot of effort it must have taken to get so good…

  • Dragon

    I would literally stab him in the face with a fork if he took away my ability to read. That poor guy.

    • ShakeJake

      The problem is that you don’t notice.

  • I stand corrected. It is an eyevpatch.

  • TheGorram Batguy

    You know, I’m trying to figure out how he got so wealthy. If his only power is stealing talents, and not material things, he must have spent some time doing something to “earn” all that money. What could it be? Somehow I doubt playing the guitar on street corners would do the job.

    • Wechselstrom

      He could’ve stolen the ability to bargain off of some rich person… and then used that skill against them to get all their money.

      • GristleMcNerd

        My guess? Gambling. Stole some card sharks’ “luck”, then their money.

        • ShadeTail

          Why just one or the other? It could be both, and more besides. Voss is pretty much a jack-of-all-trades now.

          • GristleMcNerd

            True… he just seems like the kind of guy who’d be attracted to the “glamour” of high-stakes gambling. Of course he likely wouldn’t be above general con artistry.

  • This guy

    He couldn’t read this entire time?
    How the hell did he get on the right train?
    Didn’t we just see him sign a contract for the military?

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