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  • Me-me

    “Welcome to my place, let’s leave!”

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      Hahaha :D

  • Tikatu

    Now, what is Florrie wearing around her neck? Could it be our mysterious enchanted necklace?

    The abrupt change of plans certainly has Harry non-plussed. If Florrie is indeed wearing that necklace, maybe this is what she sensed was wrong in the last page!

    • I don’t think so… The necklace didn’t really look like Florrie’s style, and I can’t imagine her pairing that sort of thing with this light turquoise look!

      • Eyefish

        comparing what little we see of florries necklace, they look similar enough. we need a closer look, though.

        • Del

          And we have Gren sniffing about, as well.

    • Columbine

      Don’t be ridiculous, it’d clash with her dress :P

  • Sir_Krackalot

    Jesus christ it’s a poor person, get in the carriage!

  • Darkoneko Hellsing


  • kuku

    An “mm hmm” and a smile rather than “hrm” and a scowl – a momentary mellowing, Harry? Did her pipe smoke form a question mark?

    • Auto

      Really, Harry seems rather more…well, more like, ‘less grunty’ in this. Look at her expressions throughout. Relaxed? I think relaxed might be it. Maybe its just me, but it seems like Sid is having quite an effect on her in general.

      • kuku

        Indeed – maybe the “hrm” was discovering that she wasn’t as violently opposed to the flowers as she might have expected.

    • Dougl07

      Yeah, she does seem far calmer than I’ve seen before. Also, I don’t think that was the smoke. Would’ve been cool though.

  • StarRose3

    So the Barber grandparents names are Henry and Isabelle? I went back and looked at the chapter cover and the characters listed as being on the cover are Henry Barber and Isabelle Holt. Considering how the Barber grandparents past was alluded to in the last chapter and the chapter started with a scene from the Elizabethan period which is before the present time in the comics I’m guessing this might be a story about the Barber grandparents. That would actually be pretty cool. I’m looking forward to learning about the infamous Barbers and their past!

    • My thoughts exactly! I’m nearly as excited as Sid to meet the Barber grandparents!

      Though this does leave me wondering, what about the Barber parents? Have we ever heard anything about them???

    • Sanjay Merchant

      I’ll need to dig for the exact link, but Kate Ashwin posted a Barber family tree a while back and that did indeed name Henry Barber and Isabelle Holt as the grandparents of the fearsome foursome known as the Barber sisters.

      EDIT: Found it!

      • svartalf

        Look at my reply to MiniPlane, Sanjay… That would be the first REAL mention of any of the grandparents. ;-)

        • Sanjay Merchant

          True, but the tree is a little clearer and, I believe, the first mention of Isabelle by name.

      • kuku

        Thanks. The brother isn’t even in the picture (literally) – wonder if he’ll show up?

        • I guess that means he’s either dead, evil, or… emigrated!

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    “Terribly sorry for the rush, seems we had a run in with envy and anger together! Imagine that…”

  • Columbine

    Sid’s squee is adorable.

    • GristleMcNerd

      I think what you’re trying to say is “Hee hee, isn’t he cute”

  • Dud

    Those flowers keep moving *and* the bunch is getting bigger: What are you up to Sidney?

    • Dougl07

      Is he ever going to get over that habit?

      • It’s not a “habit” – it’s a magical affliction over which he has no control.

  • Nonesuch

    Harry is going to be very surprised by the turn this little family get-together is going to take, I betcha,..

  • Apvogt

    This reminds me of something. A long time ago, on a page far, far away, Kate said that Harry telling Sid who her grandfather is was like telling someone your Indiana Jones’ grandkid. This is like telling someone they are about to MEET Indiana Jones.

    • Euodiachloris

      Hence Sid turning into a fangirl. :D And, is it me, or was Harry rather looking forward to seeing him trying to walk on air just by the way she dragged out the presentation? xD

  • IWX

    Is the street named after their family? That looks like an R before Street.

  • Guest

    Something tells me with the way that Florrie was all “well done” back in the first arc is that Harry’s at least kind-of following in grandparent’s footsteps to the letter… >:-D

  • svartalf

    (Waaaay off topic…) Did I miss mention of you being in the running for finalist for one of the Hugo Awards? If not, you’re certainly playing that cool… :-D

    • I saw that one of the Foglios mentioned Widdershins as a comic they nominated, which was extremely thrilling and unexpected!
      It’d be quite the honour and surprise to be up for an award, but right now I’m just happy to have been mentioned.

      • kuku


      • If i were voting Hugos, i’d definitely vote for you.

        However, the last time i voted for the Hugos was something like twenty-five years ago.

        • svartalf

          Biggest problem is that you’ve got to be a paid-up member of the Convention that’s hosting the WorldCon that year to be able to do that. I missed out on the most recent realistic chance for me to do that when they had it in San Antonio. Ah, well, I can push for the people who’re in the running, right?

          • Actually, not so.

            Quoting from the Hugo Nominations page of the current Worldcon*:

            Eligibility to Nominate

            You may nominate for the 2015 Hugo Awards and John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer if, on or before January 31, 2015, 11:59 pm PST (7:59 am GMT on February 1, 2014):

            you are an attending or supporting member of Sasquan (the 2015 World Science Fiction Convention), and/or

            you are an attending or supporting member of MidAmeriCon II (the 2016 World Science Fiction Convention), and/or

            you were an attending or supporting member of Loncon 3 (the 2014 World Science Fiction Convention).

            {Note that tomorrow is the deadline.)


            * Which, judging by the remarks among my SMOF and Permanent Floating Worldcon Committee member friends and acquaintances, is likely to be a flaming disaster.

      • svartalf

        Trust me, it’s making a bit of the bigtime being in the running for finalist or being one. Congratulations are most definitely in order. Only problem is…drat them all…I can’t decide between you, they, or Howard… :D

        • I’d also suggest reading the other comic mentioned, Stand Still Stay Silent, since it’s pretty dang amazing too-
          Read all of the comics, basically :)

          • DreamingofRoses

            I don’t know what it is about you Project Wonderful comics, but all y’all are amazing.

  • Nethead Jay

    Just have to say, I love Harry’s expression in panel 4

  • David


    • Two hours is a pretty good pace for over 450 pages, well done! Glad to have kept your attention for so long :)

  • maeverin

    is “hee heeing” Victorian for sqeeing? with Sid fanboying over the grandparents and Florrie being in the same rioom as Sid and Wolfe, poor Gren should cover his (her?) ears!

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