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  • Loud noises always attract attention.

  • =Tamar

    Luckily the pistol is the one that can go off without firing anything lethal, so she isn’t actually endangering the crowd.

    • HarTattTrikken

      I believe the trick was using a magnetic “loading stick” (not sure what the term is, the rod you use to push a bullet into the weapon), but she appeared to load a bullet for real when facing down Lei.

  • Oarboar

    You know, I thought Pride was cracking from the cold and/or a mistake in Lei’s manufacture, but judging from the purple color behind the cracks, I’m going to say it’s more like hatching. I’m looking forward to this.

  • Nomen

    SWAAAN! er, I mean, PRIIIDE!

    • Is it true that there is a place in a place in a giant robot bird’s head that if you shoot it, it will blow up?

      • Nomen

        No, you can fake it, though. It’s alright; it’s just Pepto Bismol.

      • svartalf

        Heh… Nice hint there, Kate… >:-D

  • RazorD9

    People never seemed to stay when I fire into the air. Though for some reason, the local police come and join in. Though they don’t quite get it since they just point their fire arms towards me and start shouting. Do not get me started on there love of football and bad taste in cologne, eyes still hurt thinking of it.

  • DGR

    The bird looks even more delicious under it’s metallic candy coating!

    • Cooper

      It is filled to bursting with delicious taffy.

      • DGR

        Exactly, which shall soon break free! XD

  • KWill

    Oh, Harry, you’ve always got the best ideas XD

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Holy crap people and the royalty’s protection are gonna think *she* brought that thing here, on purpose, to attempt an assassination.

    • My thoughts entirely. I suspect Ms Barber may soon be helping her sister with her enquiries.

      • Bubbling Mud Heads

        Wow, I love your picture!

        • Image borrowed from Girl Genius:

          Not sure if this is technically allowed for copyright reason, but if I give them a plug I hope they will let me off. Not sure what Kate will think about me plugging someone else’s comic on her site though.

          • Go nuts, I plug plenty of other comics after all! That’s the best thing about webcomics, you can read as many as you have time for, and there’s so many neat ones :)

  • Silvsilvchan

    Actually, you shouldn’t fire a gun in the air like that (or a bow, or any other projectile weapon). It might not come down with the same force as it left the barrel but it can still kill some one or cause property damage.

    I’d say if you need to fire a gun to scare people fire it into the ground… but in an urban area where the ground might be made up of brick or concrete or such that can be an equally bad idea due to ricochet.

    You probably should never fire off a gun for the simple purpose of scaring people, I guess is what I am saying. There’s also the fact that persons of import are like thirty feet away from you and if you want to see how fast you can get tackled or shot go wave a gun in the air near a political leader.

    Though in the realm of fantasy that is a totally fine and stylish way of clearing a crowded area and she might be using the trick gun instead, not to mention the royalty will probably acknowledge the furious peacock demon if an inquiry into why she did that comes in later. So moot.

    Also, hiya everybody! ^^ Miss me? Probably not, due to my pointless ramblings and kind of being a rancid ****. So lurk powers reactivate.

    • Bubbling Mud Heads

      Sh might not have fired it straight up. I may be wrong but the pistol doesn’t quite look perpendicular to the panel edge, though the panel edge may not be the ground….

      Also, according to physics anything launched into the air shoots up to 0 velocity and then falls back down at the same rate gaining velocity at the same rate that it was previously losing velocity…. it goes down at the same speed it comes up….

      it could still very likely kill someone, hmmm…. maybe she should use a sword instead? or flamethrower?

      • Rambling rambling

        Well… according to physics, gravity slows the bullet down on the way up and speeds it up on the way down, but there’s also air friction which slows it down both ways.

        Maybe the bullet will still be going fast enough to hit a certain gian peacock? Possibly in the gunpowder?

        • The Fansheep

          A bullet dosn’t has enough mass to really hurt when it is just falling down. There was a firring range in Berlin where sometimes the Bullets would fly to high and got taken away by the wind. People where hit but not injured because the bullets where just like little stones. If you drop a bullet it is just the little tiny wight against the wind.

          • It’s definitely not the world’s finest idea to fire a gun up in the air, but compared to being exploded by a giant bird, Harry is willing to take a risk with it.

            • Cooper

              A couple of miles away, Mal is having a bad day, which suddenly gets worse when a falling bullet hits him in the shoulder.

          • =Tamar

            A tiny rock plus the force of gravity can kill. Very few bullets are only “falling”. Basically, never fire a gun unless you intend to kill something (even if it’s a paper target).

            • svartalf

              Depends on what the mass of the rock is and where it hits. Pretty much all the falling bullet fatalities are when it hit someone’s head just right. There’s just not enough mass there to do a lot of damage to someone at terminal velocities with a bullet.

        • svartalf

          The air friction causes it to hit a specific velocity (terminal velocity) which is lower than needed to be fatal except when striking the head in a just-so manner in the case of bullets. They lack the mass to be TOO damaging. It’s still not a wise decision to fire into the sky, but it’s not as “deadly” as people make it out to be.

    • Elkian

      Couldn’t she fire it without loading it/with the bullet catch trick? Then it’s just noise.

  • guest

    About all the gun comments; flying bullets of doom falling froom the air, etc.

    Yeah, it’s not the greatest idea to shoot a gun into the air. Point taken. However, I heard a story of how someone shot a gun off to start some marathon-race thing (I can’t remember which country this was in) and the bullet came back down and landed on a sleeping baby. The baby was not harmed, although the thought of a bullet landing on him/her is a bit frightening. But just saying…

    • I thought starter pistols just fired blanks for that reason?

      • =Tamar

        People have been killed by blanks (possibly improperly loaded).

        • There’s still shrapnel and powder in there, you wouldn’t want to be shot in the face with one. Seems like the chances of it hitting a baby after being shot in the air are slim, though!

  • Feu de joie makes gun instructors cry. That which goes up comes down, sometimes with a baby in a carriage underneath it. Never fire a firearm unless you can see something that will stop it that isn’t an uninvolved person.

    • A very pertinent safety tip for actual people with guns! In fictional situations however, it may not always apply.

  • aseariel

    I was just delighted to find a Hot Fuzz reference in the commentary >_> if I am not mistaken.

    • Yep! It’s my favourite movie.

  • Hmmm…you know, something that always puzzled me about this one is that Pride strikes me more as a Vanity than a Pride, what with being obsessed with its looks. It’s obviously very proud of it’s looks, but I guess I’d like to see it show pride in some other areas as well – demeaning others as being inferior to it and whatnot. Perhaps I’m reading too much into it?

    • Maybe we’ll see other examples of its pride later? It hasn’t done much yet that it can take pride in, at least in the way of skills or planning or the like.

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