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  • McNutty

    Oh, Florrie’s excited squee just hasn’t reached them yet. The speed of sound is slower than the speed of hype.

    • JWLM

      Don’t you mean the “squeed” of sound?

      • AJ

        *throws shoes*

        • JWLM

          Oh, come on now! That was fu…um…no…that was clever. Yeah, that’s what it was, clever.

          • AJ

            Cleverness does not excuse punning!

            • svartalf

              No, Punnishment is it’s own excuse. After all, it’s Jest in Pun.

              • JWLM

                No, that really isn’t fair. After all, we all know that a bun is the lowest form of wheat.

                • Don’t be bulgur, JW.

                  • AJ

                    You guys are why my children are barefoot.

                    • Nothing wrong with having a rye sense of humor

  • Ayline

    It’s at a pitch only dogs can hear but they’re all the farm right now.

  • JWLM

    Did Harry just touch Sid’s hand, or is that just the perspective?

    • Exasperated Dwarf

      Just the perspective.

      • She did, however, touch his arm . . . to which he is most definitely reacting . . .

  • GristleMcNerd

    …now kiss

    • JWLM

      Harry’s too much of a pragmatist. She may suggest “talking about this after this is all over,” but she’s not going to get too emotional right now.

      Well, unless she does.

      • GristleMcNerd

        I mean, you should never let ancient evil get in the way of some quality smoochin’ time. Her parents should’ve taught her that.

    • rainycity1

      That would be … unprofessional.

  • Michael Haneline

    Or for ****’s sake


  • Angela

    aaaaand captain awkward-pants strikes again! nice delivery there buddy

  • Haven

    God bless.

  • Tyler Shelton

    …Is it just me, or has Harry started wearing lipstick? Did she always wear lipstick? Does it mmmeeeeeaaaaaannnnn something?

    • Yrael

      Nah, just checked, she always wore lipstick. But she’s never had that look in panel 4 before, or the smile in 7

  • amusingmurff

    Oh my goodness, Sid. You can be smoother than this.

    • yachris

      Oh HEAVENS no. This *is* Sid, after all :-)

  • Mah.

    After so many years, so many chapter, we finally did it…

  • Of course Mr Malik is worried about Ms Barber. If anything happens to her he’ll be out of a job again. He shouldn’t worry. He could always complete his apprenticeship with Ms Cunningham.

  • MoeLane

    …Sid never realized it before, but each of Harriet’s fingers have a spiral pattern on the tip. Each pattern seems to be a kind of whorl, moving inward to the center; and no two are precisely alike. He is suddenly acutely aware of every ridge and dip on those fingers. Tonight, Sid will take off his jacket to look at that spot on his arm where Harriet’s fingertips rested, and he will be slightly astounded that there is no lingering faint glow.

    • Nonesuch

      He IS wearing a coat…
      But a very romantic piece of prose all the same! ^_^

    • Sapphire altera

      …and then he invents fingerprinting?

  • Sapphire363

    Literally everyone in the fandom ships it.
    Most of us are now squealing with joy.
    Its a wonder the fourth wall doesn’t shatter and let in the sound of a thousand squeeing fangirls.

    • Sapphire363

      and do you see that face in panel 6, its just screaming, ‘welp, now I know he’s into me’

      • JWLM

        I’m enjoying panel 5 — that’s surprise, but why?

        • Sapphire363

          Oh yes indeed

        • Nonesuch

          Because Sid is usually not extremely smooth or romantic? ;)

          • svartalf

            And this one was…

            1) Both.
            2) Sweet.

            If you hadn’t caught it, Harry was trying to hide a “Shaking my Head” smirk that says volumes- that it’s at least a bit of a reciprocated feeling there. It’s part of why she just told him what she did.

            • JWLM

              I wouldn’t say “reciprocated.” I don’t think that’s an interested look as much as it’s a “that’s not unwelcome” look.

              • RLB

                Also a “and you only figured that out now?” look.

    • Nonesuch

      Don’t forget the fanboys. ^_^ Granted, their voices are pitched lower…

      • Sapphire363

        Indeed, we must remember the fanboys too

      • CK

        Fear not! Fangirls come in all genders and age groups :)

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        Fanboys sound a bit like warhammer orks with their squeee.
        And the pets go, “dog, you distract him while I hit the psych ward speed dial again.”

      • Fanpersons–safer all around, in case there are any non-binary readers!

        • Grescheks

          “Fans”. The word for that is just “fans”.

          • JWLM

            “fentities” — we don’t want to omit any intelligent machines.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Sid feels the problem too, eh.

  • Mujaki

    “You can’t start worrying about be now. You’d never stop.”

    “Too late, already did. Days ago.”

  • “Anything could happen” indeed.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    It’s normal to be worried about your best friend, Sid !

  • Anyone else involuntarily start humming Tchaikovsky’s Love Theme on that fifth panel?

    Anyone? No? Just me? Goddamnit.

    *sigh* At least I wasn’t in public this time.

    • AJ

      I did that part in Sound of Music just after “Sixteen Going on Seventeen.” Not as classy, I know, but it has the squeal of joy built in.

  • Dev

    I’m doing enough breaking of the sound barrier for Florrie. YEEEEEE!

    Seriously though, I enjoy the dynamic between these two so much it’s not even funny. Harry trusting Sid and opening up in her own little ways is grand; he obviously cares for her, friend or something more, who knows, but definitely as a partner in the business. Things are getting serious and he’s within his right to be worried given what he feels.

    Well done as always.

    • Shannon

      Seconded! This relationship is adorable and healthy, whether it’s professional, platonic, or romantic.

  • She’s changed her tune since Volume 1. Can’t help thinking that Ms Barber’s uncharacteristic outburst of soppiness is linked to the backwash of Lust from handling the Liar’s Heart. She’ll be really embarrassed when she sobers up.

  • AJ

    *kkssht* Houton, we HAVE physical contact.

  • Prediction: At some point the party is really going to need a lantern, a rope and a penknife.

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      That was my first thought, as well.

      • MoeLane

        Heck, local vendors should sell them as a three-pack.

        • JWLM

          But they charge Sid more than they charge everyone else.

          • Probably because he comes back to ask for the price for Things he has already stolen :-)

    • Michael Haneline

      What are you going to need your stupid f***ing rope for?

    • RLB

      Of course. And an elvish sword.

  • JWLM

    I’ve been trying to figure out why panel 7 is a startling change to Sid. I think it’s because current Harry is reassuring him with a smile and a hand on his arm. Old Harry would have growled at him, and certainly wouldn’t have tried to reassure him.

  • Houston, we have contact. All hands on deck! Battle stations! Mauve alert! AWOOOOOGA! AWOOOOOOGA! This is not a daffodil! Fire up the radiation flare shield, batten down the hatches, luff all sails and run up the colours! I repeat, WE HAVE CONTACT!

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Interesting how a different facial expression changes Harry’s whole look.

    • Many of the characters have a sort of list in my head of expressions they make a lot, ones they make very rarely, and ones they’d never do. Surprise is on Harry’s “rare” list, so it means more when she does it.

      • Del

        Panel Six. We’ve seen that expression before. It usually has a face-palm, as well.

        Now that I look closer, it is a face-palm.

      • Sanjay Merchant

        I was actually thinking more of the last panel. Usually, when Harry’s trying to be reassuring, it’s more of the “Imma be ultra chill so people won’t wanna panic” thing. The more… active (?) mode of comforting is very unusual for her.

  • Del

    If Harriet sacrifices herself and dies heroically in the final battle, I want her pipe.

  • 50% Pain

    As a man i do not “squee”, I yell excitedly with pleasure and anticipation.

  • Streaming while inking, to keep me honest. Feel free to drop in and say hi!

  • l33tninja

    aaaaaah. She’s touching me! Aaaaaaah! (“aaaah” in a good way, of course)