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  • TrueWolves

    Are blackholes any more/less effective around Widdershins?

    • JWLM

      Black holes? Nah. Plot holes? Not yet, but there’s always a chance, I suppose.

  • Anonymous Mastermind

    Will there be more story line of Wolfe and Mal in germany in this story arc?

    • KWill

      There was no Germany in 1830 =P

      • GristleMcNerd

        There was a whole mess of city states and such with lots and lots of cultural similarities that, I believe, was referred to a Germany… though I may be mistaken about the last part, I haven’t had a history class since 2010.
        But either way, this isn’t our world, so there might be a Germany in Widdershins world’s 1830 :P

        • Phil

          They were referred to as the Germanic peoples I believe, rather like Scandinavia is several countries, but can still be referred to as one region.

          The sergeant referred to the nationalist rebels trying to unite Germany into a single country in previous page too (Which I don’t believe would happen for another 20 years or so in our timeline under Bismark, but who knows in this universe)

          • GristleMcNerd

            Huh. Guess he’s Bavarian.
            (Bavaria is unique in Germany (as far as I know, anyway) in having a separatist party. They’re a bit like Scotland, really: Lots of mountains, exceedingly proud of tradition and would really just as well be left entirely alone.)

            • KWill

              Wait, me Bavarian? God forbid…

              • GristleMcNerd

                No no, the Sergeant. Because he’s opposed to a united Germany. Sorry, it got a tad late last night and my head is still slightly mushy. :P

                • KWill

                  A proud Bavarian would sooner die than serve in the “saupreiß’n” army =P

                  It wasn’t unheard of for Prussians to oppose German unity, even under the aspect that it would happen under Prussian dominance. Bismarck, ironically enough, opposed it quite fiercely during the early stages of his political carreer in the late 1840s.

                  • My great-grandfather left Bohemia rather than serve in the Imperial Army.

          • Me-me

            So what you’re saying is we should lead a revolution to unite Scandinavia as a single nation?

            • Anderson

              It’s time to Finnish this. Once and for all.

              • Me-me

                Get the countrymen to Polish their boots, Denmark their territory on a map.

                • cheops

                  That’s so swede of you. But there’s neither chance nor way.

            • SteinarB

              Bugger that! It’s been tried. Much of Scandinavian history is Sweden and Denmark at eachothers throat for the right to rule the other countries, no matter what the other countries might think about _that_. Try that nowadays and Sweden would just assume they should be in charge because they’re Sweden, Denmark would try to hog all the beer and porn and we Norwegians would go right mental at anyone trying to get a piece of our oil and fish (yeah, we got a bit protective about those after those resources got us out of our “bunch of rural hillbillies” phase).

        • KWill

          After poring over a bunch of contemporary maps I’ll concede the point. The mess you’re referring to was offically called the German Confederation, but the maps do refer to it as Germany. (Interesting sidenote: Parts of Prussia and Austria were excluded from the German Confederation, so it’s theoretically possible that Mal and Wolfe aren’t actually in Germany at the moment.)

          However we do know that there is no united Germany (as would happen during the Franco-Prussian War in 1871) because of Sarge’s comments about the “rebels”.

  • Marvelous TK

    Meanwhile, in the Future… er, the Present… but to us, the Past… um, in an Alternate Dimension… er… uh…

    … Time Skip!

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Oh, this ended faster than expected ! I wonder if we’ll see Loewe again.

    • David Argall

      Probably not. She doesn’t have much reason to show up in England [but
      as far as I know, neither did Karl Marx, and neither does Voss and he is
      highly likely to end in Widdershins if the story heads there as
      She also does not appear on the “featuring” list,
      unlike Voss, which also suggests a small role, but Fairbairn didn’t make
      that list either and she was all over No Rest for the Wicked. Indeed, for her sake we may want to hope she doesn’t show in England. Cap. Barber does make the list despite an arguably smaller role, but she survives while Fairbairn doesn’t. That at least suggests that Loewe’s health might be harmed by exposure to the English climate.
      Of course, this assumes our writer put major importance onto a minor point.

    • billydaking

      This story is about envy/jealousy, which hasn’t shown up a ton yet. My guess is that we’ve gotten the first half of the story, and we’re going to see the ultimate consequences of these events in the comic’s regular time frame.

    • It mightn’t be resolved quite yet

  • nemryn

    On second thought, let us not go to Widdershins. It is a silly place.

    • Chris the Blue

      Forget it, Jack. It’s Widdershins.

  • Winger

    So it was a pretty quick rapport between them, then! I suppose the eyeball cheat-sheet does cut out the need for three months of suspicious circling; Wolfe is pretty what you see is what you get, and his ?aura? design does a good job of reflecting that. My guess is that we’ll flash-forward now (perhaps to see Ben’s reaction to this story) so they can get on with duelling Harry and Sidney for first place in releasing deadly sins near Widdershins. Ladies and gentlemen, our heroes.

    (Figured it was past time that I poked my head in and actually let you know I’ve been a fan of your work since Darken and am greatly enjoying this one as well! It’s pretty much Endless Fun With Facial Expressions, and I love the colourful cast and the way they all play off each other.)

  • Sanjay Merchant

    I guess that answers the question of whether Mal’s Spirit Sight is a result of his near death experience. If he’s tried (and failed) to explain it before, that would indicate that he had it before getting shot.

    • Alétheia

      Getting shot this time, at least :P

  • Have i missed an update?

  • Graham Garrett

    So much fun to be had by all!

  • I could have mentioned this just about anywhere… but every time I see the name of the comic, I’m reminded of the Discworld.
    I used to have this big fold-out map of the Discworld… Was this one in fact:
    Anyway, you’ll notice the arrows either side of Atuin’s head. Apparently “Widdershins” is just the Discworld way of saying “anticlockwise”… but in a geographical sense… which gets a bit puzzling when you consider the Widdershins Ocean is on the turnwise side of the map… unless you go the long way around, I guess…

    … But what I was really getting at is that… why would some German guy in Germany know of this presumably small place in England?

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