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  • LazyReader

    Is that giant bird made of taffy?

    • Cooper

      If it is then this parade is about to get really interesting.

      • Marvelous TK

        hee hee
        it’s a pride parade

        • Sortelli

          Almost but not enough pink feathers.

    • Is taffy like toffee but more American?

      Edit: Ohh I googled it and it’s just big Chewits. Yes it is made of delicious Chewits!

    • DGR

      That bird looks delicious.

  • AsimvSideburns

    That’s not pride, Lei.

    That’s just stupidity.

    • Somebody

      Aw, don’t say that, be nice! Don’t worry, Lei, it’s unfounded pride AND reckless stupidity.

  • Deja Moo

    Ducking down a manhole: do you know what those covers weigh?

    • Hakka

      It depends on the place/time this is taking place. I remember reading that they made the manhole covers heavier as the vehivles riding on top of them became heavier.
      And since this looks like some kind of dead-end back alley, maybe they just put a lighter one?

  • Nonesuch

    Pride leadeth to its own fall…

  • Alex

    Lei: “I can HOLD her!”-*boom*
    Me: Welp, there goes another wingman.
    X-Wing taught me that if you get overconfident, you’re probably going to die. Not that Lei is hurtling around in a starfighter, but magic has the same dangers.

  • Marduk

    Please tragically die Lei

  • =Tamar

    Lei is still feeding it.

  • Saw your ad on Sluggy Freelance, spent the last two hours reading the whole thing! But now I have to wait for more. =(

    • Nice to hear the ads work! :) Have no fear, I have much more to make!

      • Me-me

        More the frequency than the quantity ;)

  • There might be fireworks at the parade after all . . .

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