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  • McRocky71

    Hmm, looks like the Sins need to be desummoned twice. Once in the physical realm and again in the… Malzone? Or maybe Mal and Harry’s desummoning will be strong enough to pull Ira out of the physical. It’ll be be interesting to see how it all works out.

    Too bad Mal didn’t get to finish his rebuttal in the second panel. It would’ve been interesting to see what he denied being – a witch or a baby.

    On an unrelated note – Wohoo!, first comment!

    • JWLM

      The story’s been pretty clear about this: they’ve split the party into two groups, one of which (Sid, Wolfe, Vee, and Benji) is supposed to weaken each of the Deadlies and the other of which (Harry and Mal) are suppose to banish each one in turn.

    • Alétheia

      …I’m hungry, and Malzone looks too much like calzone, and now I want a calzone. I don’t even like calzones! XD

  • Uh, right. I’ll just sit here and …. uh … look wise, right?

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Hope you’re fire-proof, pal.

  • Ghostdanser

    Okay…I am gonna sound pretty silly here…but I “thought” the idea behind the circle was to keep what you were calling trapped inside the circle, while the witch (or significant others) were safely outside the circle gawking at whatever shows up. More than likely I have overlooked something about magic according to Widdershins….cause otherwise it’s an “Oh SNAP!” kinda moment.

    On a side note “GYEH!” is a great adjective.

    • Nuuni Nuunani

      Normal people can’t see spirits while outside of a circle and when dealing with summoning them and such, people generally are inside the circle. Thus its an ‘oh snap’ moment due to this not being a normal situation

    • From what I recall seeing in the comic thus far, generally the summoner (or indeed desummoner) is inside the circle for the process, but then can freely leave it if they need to, whereas the spirit can’t.

      So it might be that they have to /start/ in the circle, or perhaps being inside the circle makes it easier to draw on the power, so they do it that way even if it’s strictly more risky?

    • non_canon

      Well, in traditional magic lore the idea of the circle is to create a space free of influences you don’t want and full of ones you do (think a ring of salt or a church holy ground) as well as a place to concentrate the power needed for the spell to actually work, so if comic!verse magic is based on those ideas a wizard or witch would start their spell inside the circle for those reasons. Since the actual pattern of the circle seems to matter so greatly, I’d say they act as a fence to keep what’s summoned inside while the caster is free to step outside.

    • Alétheia

      Sid’s usually sitting in the circle when he talks to summoned creatures~ :) It starts with Greed in the first chapter (where he specifically warns Harry to stay outside of the circle, if I remember correctly? For her protection or whatever?) and continues onwards~

      Ben’s been shown to work in a circle, too, much like Sid has (cross-legged, sitting on the ground… not sure if that’s a style choice or if it forms some sort of connection or whatever to the circle). :)

      Though you’re right in that the caster isn’t always in it; I think I remember Harry’s grandma being outside of the massive circle that desummoned the Deadlies? I could be remembering that wrong, though, hah. (Forgive me if I am, it’s 5AM and I’m on a week-long insomnia bent, fuuun…) Plus magic with summoned creatures doesn’t seem to need a circle unless you’re summoning or desummoning them~

      (Traditional [fictional and maybe real-life practice?] magic or whatever, though… yeah. The spellcaster and everyone else needs to stay outside of the circle, which acts as a protection shield for the possessable human squishies outside and a barrier for whatever’s inside of it. If someone is in the circle, they generally need to stay inside of it until the spell is over and/or the summoned thing is banished again, since stepping across it is seen as “breaking” the circle, which destroys the barrier and lets the summoned thing loose. :) )

  • EnnBee

    My copy of “Find the Lady” came today! I got some very strange looks from my neighbours as I squealed excitedly, opened the parcel right there at my letterbox and immediately put on my Gren pin :)

    • Hooray! Very glad it arrived safely!

  • 703 Noemi

    Who else thinks something is going to go horribly wrong?

    • Brother Nightmare

      What fun would it be if everything went according to plan?

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Uh-oh. Barber isn’t talking in Spirit Font! Problem!

    • Brother Nightmare

      Either you have it, or you don’t, and I believe that it was previously established that Harry, well… don’t.

    • Shannon

      She doesn’t have magic and Mal can’t read. Call and response?

      • I’m expecting O’Malley to dispel her with the powerful magical mantra, “Oi you! Bugger Off!”

  • Cooper


    • Del

      The first of seven, so this should be easy. Right?

      And then we still have to encounter Harry’s mum.

      • Whoa! Hold on to your horses… lets take the easy parts first and dealing with the Seven before even THINKING of going there… :o

  • plore

    look how he tries to hide in his scarf,he really loves it….

  • Lucky Ms Sloth turned up to shoot Lord Barber, otherwise the party wouldn’t have a conduit for wrath, so they wouldn’t be able to desummon her, so they wouldn’t be able to desummon anyone else and so the New Age of the World would begin and the bad guys would win. So, does that make her the Hero?

    • Unhooked

      Kind of sort of maybe? She’s also the reason Wrath was free in the first place.

      A plan for dealing with six sins became a plan for dealing with seven sins because of her, but she also provided the very tool to get rid of the sin she helped release.

    • JWLM

      This isn’t _Darken_, so no.

    • cphoenix

      Oft evil will shall evil mar.

    • John

      Nope, the relevant trope here is “Nice job fixing it, villain”

  • Sarah Hardister

    Yeah, this is going to totally work. Harry’s such a great coach.

  • This is a bit random, but, am I alone in thinking that Mr De Montfort, is Mr Luxuria, because, well, Florrie is kind of like the light side of him?

    • Phoebusly

      Nope, that’s been my theory for like, forever. Not so much because of anything to do with Florrie, but because he’s a mysterious rich man who tied himself to the Barber family, and has been mentioned but not seen by anyone who would recognize him as Luxuria. Chekhov’s husband. I’m so sure it’s him.

      • John

        That’s a fascinating theory. And it would leave Florrie free to chase Wolfe after this chapter is over.

      • CountSessine

        He has not been seen on-page, but he must have met his wife’s grandparents rather often!

        So if Luxuria is De Montfort he has to be using a different face. Also, no matter what face he is using, his personality would surely have remained the same, and I’ve noticed no signs that either Henry or Isabelle feels any sense of uneasiness or distrust about Florrie’s husband. Could they be fooled that completely?

        Still. It’s an attractive theory. Maybe I’ve missed the clues.

    • And also because Mr De Montfort is listed in the family tree as ???

    • Phil

      I thought that, but Henry and Isabelle would recognise him straight away, and they must have been to the wedding of their own granddaughter surely?

  • Dranikos

    Google Translate says (from Latin)
    “Phantom of Wrath, Wicked Phantom Servant, Come Forth. For your appearance, I praise you, and call you Seventh” (Artistic License taken, actual google translate is a bit different, but going for tone, not perfect accuracy).

    So it seems they’re not DE-summoning Wrath, so much as summoning it to elsewhere THEN Banishing it from there. (So Wrath lacks Multi / Omni presence. There’s 1 Wrath in the world, period, or this wouldn’t work this way)

    • Disloyal Subject

      That, or summoning a second Presence is necessary to establish a link through which they can all be banished.

  • non_canon

    I can’t help but feel that Harry and Mal’s side of this arc so far could be subtitled “In which our protagonists develop a new appreciation for the wizard in their lives”.

  • Punkpoemprose

    Got my copy of Find the Lady! Absolutely thrilled! My Gren pin is proudly displayed on my purse and I love it as well!
    Also adoring the way Harry and Mal are working together.

  • Sapphire363

    Deny, deny, Deng. Just keep at it Jack, they’ll get it through their heads one day.

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