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  • Tikatu

    “He’s very … there.” Yup, that’s our Wolfe. Even when he’s not playing his violin, he’s got a very prominent, strong spirit. More pleasant, perhaps, when he’s playing.

    I have to wonder why Jack’s looking away; it’s not like he sees Wolfe. And poor Ben with the blue spikes showing his headache. Have to feel for the guy.

    • Somebody

      I think that’s WHY he’s looking away. You imagine if your best friend and/or the most beautiful person you’ve ever known no longer had a face.
      He doesn’t even like seeing his own non-spirit in a mirror.

      • Lleyn

        You know, I just noticed that Mal indeed looks away from Wolfe in every single panel (in the first one, he looks down at Ben). This must be really disturbing to him, because we know that he always liked Wolfe’s spirit, and it is linked to his best friend. And now not being able to see it when it’s got such pretty colors *giggle* Looks a bit like multi-colored sand in a bottle. I guess that’s just Wolfe’s confusion showing.

        • Well, he said it was like seeing people with no face. If it’s disturbing enough to keep him from looking in mirrors all this time, it must be extra disturbing on his best friend he’s used to seeing all the time.

          • AJ

            Especially since he puts up with Wolfe for the sake of his spirit.

  • wanderingdreamer

    Hmm, just noticed that O’Malley’s eyes still have color in the black and white vision-world, that’s a good sign right? (not sure why it’s taken me so long to notice that)

    • AJ

      It has come up in the comments. I think the leading theory is that his eyes mean he has a soul.

      • Somebody

        … I think there’s some deep philosophical conclusion to draw from the observation that we’re “theorizing” he has a soul.

        • AJ

          I doubt one can draw philosophical conclusions from discussions about intangibles like “souls.” More likely we could have a nice deep debate which could then be brought out on special occasions in philosophy departments, poured over and re-worked by grad students just like unsolveable math problems, and pondered by old men, alone, with their scotch, by firelight.

          Provided nobody notices that our premise is based on highly fictional characters located in an inarguably false location conducting entirely non-existent business.

        • Also the fact that everyone is presuming it to be a soul in the first place!

          • AJ

            Oh. That’s not fair.

  • ShadeTail

    [“If you have to carry your boss out of the pub at the end of the evening, it’s been a memorable one.”]

    Sounds like something that should go on

    • Sounds like a story that wants to be shared, is what it sounds like.

      • ShadeTail

        Well, yeah. That’s what is all about.

  • Wandering Mask

    “Ye get used t’ it.”

    HE MISSES IT that is so damn cute.

    • David Argall

      Like many expressions, “Ye get used to it.” can be read several ways. Probably best not to be too confident about what it means here.
      Also not so clear why he is looking away. Could just be habit, but…

      • Wandering Mask

        I can dream, can’t I?

        Also I think Somebody’s comment is probably a pretty good theory.

      • AJ

        He’s looking away because he can’t stand to see Plain-colors Wolfe.

    • Frances Ahlborn

      “I’ve grown accustomed to your face”

      Takes on a new meaning with Mal, actually…poor guy.

  • Anyone got a good resolution monitor to read the pub sign? Hunter’s Folly?

    • yomi

      I would read it like that, yes.

  • Winger

    Wolfe just has SO MANY FEELINGS [sobbing].

  • =Tamar

    Looks like Ben got the color-blindness too.

  • I find it fascinating how this whole episode demonstrates that the Sight doesn’t just let you SEE people’s spirits, or apparently even just hear them, but I get the feeling you can really FEEL THEM. Just seeing all these brightly colored images doesn’t seem like it would be THAT startling, esp. to the point that it about made Ben pass out; so I have to assume that there is a tangible sensation that goes along with it. To be fair, it could also be like walking into a reeeeally bright spotlight after being in the dark, but I still get the feeling that there’s some sensation to go along with the sight and sound.

    Obviously only the author can verify or deny this but I feel my theory is sound! Also way to be very there, Wolfe.

    • StarRose3

      Yeah, I kind of came to that conclusion too. Also, I can’t help but think this gives us a little bit more insight into Mal’s life. Ben’s reaction gives us more information on how painful and uncomfortable having the sight must be. And, yeah, Mal is more used to it, but he still had to deal with it mostly alone all his life (although I don’t know if he was alone for very long before meeting Wolfe – I’m assuming that he probably was). Meeting Wolfe was probably a great relief for him (if he senses people’s emotions instead of just feeling them would that mean that he actually feels Wolfe’s calm and happiness instead of just seeing his beautiful spirit?). He must be feeling really conflicted about the recent developments as he is now free of a source of pain (which he always hated) but the loss is strange and uncomfortable and he doesn’t like it.

      • =Tamar

        He’s free of the source of pain, but he’s also lost his main source of comfort.

      • He’s a medium.

        Maybe a medium long, but…

      • Morgothy

        I agree it’s interesting to actually realise that it’s got that kind of physical, visceral quality and to consider that Wolfe probably is a comfort to him beyond just .. you know, being a decent guy, because of his spirit. Have to think though, if there’s some kind of tendency for being around people to make you feel something of what they feel, Ben can’t really be very fun for Mal to be around for even more reasons than were previously obvious! Not exactly a calming, positive influence! Though it’s not like he’d be as toxic as a lot of people would be- Ben is not malicious or anything.

  • Euodiachloris

    In all fairness to Wolfe, Ben would still worry about neatening up even when actually three sheets to the wind. xD

    • He would likely go into overdrive and tidy extra things. Things already tidy! Things he doesn’t even own!

      • AJ

        I’ve heard of sad drunks and angry drunks but… nesting hen drunks?

      • Nin

        That’s what I do!

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