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October 22nd, 2014

October 22nd, 2014 published on 43 Comments on October 22nd, 2014

Fancy meeting you here!

Threw in a couple of webcomic cameos for fun here, from Astral Aves, Curia Regis, and Wilde Life. May do more in this setting, makes drawing background characters that much more entertaining!

I’ll be at MCM Expo in London this weekend, come say hi!

  • ShadeTail

    “At least it’s not raining…”

    • Euodiachloris

      *crackathoom* xD

  • This makes me so happy!

    • It looks like Sylvia is enjoying the opportunity to enjoy some party food!
      Widdershins is clearly the best place for a ghost to go on vacation.

    • Shannon

      Wow. I’m re-reading this chapter for the third time and /just now/ am I noticing this cameo. Bravo.

  • Michael Brewer

    On the upside Harry and Sid aren’t here? Though…. Ooooh! Is Florrie’s husband there? We haven’t met him yet, I don’t think.

  • Euodiachloris

    Hmmm. Envy wanted one Barber. I suspect two in the vicinity is going to push the envelope a touch too far for the conjuring to cope…

  • Istas

    She smiled! I didn’t know that was possible!

    • Lleyn

      Everybody run and hide! Seriously, her smile looks somewhat sinister, as if she’s already envisioning what she will do to Voss once she has him in her custody.

  • My goodness! Captain Barber’s a girl!

    • Cooper

      You can tell because she’s not wearing pants.

      • Morgothy

        Everyone knows girls never actually wear anything but dresses.

        • And big red lipstick and bows in our hair!

          • I’m at the back of the queue again aren’t I?

  • szbnahl

    So after all that effort to entice a Barber to the party, there was going to be one there anyway?

    • Mujaki

      Ben could use a proper Barber, what with all the trouble he was having with his hair recently. =)

      • This looks like a job for Barbara Barber, the barber!

    • Effort? He put in effort to get Florrie there, Nicola just walked right in.

      • AJ

        Oh that is even more ominous than I thought it would be.

  • Lleyn

    Hmm, looks like Envy got a bargain: Two Barber sisters for the price of one. And goodness, Nicola manages to make even a dress look like a uniform.

  • Can’t help loving Florrie, she is the laid-back joker among the Barbers :D
    Also… Cameotime? *sharpens axe and pencil*

  • Oh holy crap, now there’s TWO of them there! ALso it took me a minute to realize that we’ve never seen Detective Barber and Florrie together. But doggonit, Florrie, NOW IS NOT THE TIME

    Also I absolutely LOVE Detective Barber’s dress! :D The cape look if very neat.

  • Aha! So we do get to see Nicola all “dress”ed up! And with Florrie!
    I love the design of her dress, by the way; you do a really nice job with everyone’s clothing!

  • CorvusCornix

    Wow, you’d think Nicola would hate Florrie even more than Harry, but they actually get along well :)

    • Lleyn

      Harry doesn’t hate Florrie, she’s just unnerved by her. And I think Nicola is headed there as well, or has been in the past, as Florrie is so quick to say that she’ll stay out of the way.

  • Morgothy

    I like the twist that Florrie was the Barber they’d arranged to have there all along! I mean, that kind of makes sense in retrospect given how they talked about it, but yeah, I’m interested to see how this is going to go down, as well as in finding out what significance the Barbers actually have for summoning.

    • Alex Hollins

      my theory? they are avatars of each of the deadlies, created by their parents who were secretly a part of a dark cabal. once each deadly has interacted with and marked their avatar, they will finish the ritual in which they bond permanently, giving them flesh form in our world.

      • Inali

        I don’t think think that there are seven siblings- otherwise that would be awesome. I think that its Nicola, Harry, Flora, Nora- the maid, one other that we haven’t met and then a brother- its mentioned on Nicola’s cast pages. Although the fact that the ones we’ve met have almost all interacted with a deadly is interesting. Harry took on greed. Nicola faced down sloth briefly, Nora was trapped in the inn with gluttony and now it looks like Florrie might be targeted by Envy. Hhmmmm.

        • Alex Hollins

          it was stated in the first story that Harry had 6 sisters, i believe.

          • r2d2go
            • Tikatu

              That family tree needs to be updated–Nora and Geoff had an Alexander.

              • Not yet they haven’t! Didn’t list future children/marriages/deaths on there, just things as they are at that point in the story.

  • AJ

    The costume history enthusiast in me is trying to date the Barbers by their clothing… That might be a bad idea. Is Florrie in the height of fashion, or is she wearing her grandmother’s dress for a lark?

    • Heheh, it’s based off a Russian dress from 1803, so yes it’s a little early for her! The empire-line just suits her very well. Nicola’s is based on a English one from 1845, so I guess she’s rather fashion-forward!

      • AJ

        This makes me like Florrie even more. “Well, the dress is a little old, I suppose. I think it was one of my mother’s favorite gowns, but don’t I just look stunning in it? Teehee.” I really like that dress too.

  • Harry and Sid! Harry and Sid!

  • r2d2go

    Voss is growing a conscience! We can only hope it works in time.

  • Yup, she’s dead

  • pingo1387

    I absolutely LOVE the green color scheme in these panels!!

  • Graham Garrett

    Yay! Florrie!

  • Percabeth_trash


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