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  • Istas

    They have bullet points, that’s more of a plan then they usually have. Also, it’s adorable how Mal first muttered that he liked blue is now wearing a blue coat.

    • And Ben actually did cut his hair, apparently!

      • falco

        I love his awkward hair-touch in the third panel. Every time I’ve cut my hair short I’ve spent the first week doing that…

        • I saw that– it too is an adorable detail. ^_^

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Uh-oh. Going in with a plan is never a good sign.

    • AJ

      Going in without a plan is also never a good sign. It’s Act Three here, all signs read “Danger Ahead” “Turn Back Now” and “Beware Dropbears and Chekov’s Gun.”

    • Aargvark

      You’d prefer that they go in with No plan, No backup, no Weapons worth a damn, and Nothing To Lose?

    • reynard61

      “Any Plan where you lose your hat is a Bad Plan.” – Jaegermond proverb (Girl Genius)

      • Ja, but pipple chust dun vear enuff hats in Viddershins.

        • svartalf

          No, they don’t, do they. And the hats they do wear…shameful…

        • AJ

          Ha! I knew it!

    • dana

      Improvise, it’s the only plan that withstands first contact with the enemy.

    • Rolan7

      And if you discuss the plan on-camera, you’re simply describing how things won’t happen.

    • No Retreat! No Surrender! No Plan!

  • Morgothy

    More evidence there that you actually FEEL rather than just see the spirits of the crowd- with that ‘crowd’ll hurt ye’ comment. I actually shudder to think how that would feel when the crowd is actually panicking (which of course will possibly happen later), rather than just enjoying themselves, assuming that makes a difference. I like how Ben is wearing grey and Mal is wearing blue! Nice sort of subtle parallel with how Ben no longer sees colour and Mal does (and now Mal likes blue!). I feared Ben would lose his ponytail, and sadly he has (I am in hair mourning) but I take some consolation that this brushed version at least preserves a bit more of his hairline and thus does look more Ben-ish than when he was scruffy. I look forward to them putting this plan into action though! Of course they are unaware that there are TWO Barbers, and the crowd will possibly make Ben pass out, but at least they have er.. surprise on their side!

    • Del

      As a guy who lives perpetually in a color-impaired universe, I want to thank you for pointing out Kate’s ingenious color-play for me.

      For my part, I am glad to see some tobacco smoke in 4/5ths of the page. (I tend to squee at the sight of Harry’s pipe. It makes my own pipe blow a ring.)

    • =Tamar

      And a red neck-cloth.

      • CorvusCornix

        He always wears that.

  • AJ

    Oh dear. “Act Three” is the one where we throw rocks at the main characters.

    • David Argall

      Well, one “rock” might be that O’Malley seems to know a bit too much about our green fox. Of course, he has had years to learn how to judge when some spirit is powerful, but this still seems more like what Ben would already know. But maybe it goes under giving the reader information and one does not really care how it gets to the reader.

      • AJ

        We’ve been demonstrating that Mal “feels” more than “seeing” the spirits he sees. So it stands to reason that he “feels” the import or weight of Envy.

  • Andy in Germany

    Mal is looking unusually smart to me, I suppose that’s because he can use a mirror now…

  • pingo1387

    Ooh, very nice haircut on Ben there! And O’Malley has a nice new suit ^-^

    • dana

      And a nice blue jacket, his favorite color. :)

  • Roxanne Ritchi: What’s the plan?

    Megamind: Well, it mostly involves NOT DYING!

    Roxanne Ritchi: I like that plan!

  • ThisCat

    I like the new haircut. It suits him.

    • Euodiachloris

      This’ll not appease those who miss the ponytail, Cat. :)

  • M. E. Gibbs

    Oh goodness yes. This hair style. I like it. Very much. Neater as fits Ben’s personality, but just a touch scruffier. Which fits with the idea that Ben is maybe, just maybe loosening up a little bit. Maybe.

    But mostly, cute hair.

    Because apparently, in a comic full of magic and dangerous spirits, I am most concerned about Ben’s hair. Yup.

    • Disloyal Subject

      The importance of hair can scarce be underestimated. But then, I am rather vain when it comes to my coiffure.
      I like his haircut too; I always thought short hair might suit him better. (At least I think I did. It would be a rare exception to my narcissistic blanket preference for long hair.)

    • It’s quite alright, I went through a lot of attempts on it til I got to the right one, so it’s nice that it’s noticed!

  • r2d2go

    Question for Kate – there’s been one Deadly summoned and vanquished each chapter so far. Do you have plans for after the last is defeated? Widdershins is awesome and it’s scary thinking we might be more than halfway though… XD

    • Hersheys

      You might want to check those chapters again… not one of them has been vanquished! Every single one of them has been FREED so far.

    • I have many plans! Fear not.

  • William Rice

    Oh this won’t end well, though Jack does look nice this evening. *sees post about the con* Wrong continent for me even if I can fly non-stop from Austin to London now

  • The boys clean up nice.
    And I like Mal’s coat.

    • Disloyal Subject

      It’s a… very fine coat.

      • Yep.
        And blue.
        And moves well as he walks.

    • Apvogt

      I see Wolfe has gone with the classic brown trench coat

  • Euodiachloris

    “If in doubt, run. If in further doubt: press buttons and run.” Hey, if it works for the Doctor… ;)

  • rainycity1

    Have I said lately just how much I’m enjoying this story????

  • reynard61

    It’s 106 steps to the door. All they need now is full tank of gas, a half a pack of cigarettes, and some sunglasses…

  • Columbine

    O’Malley looks presentable! The end is nigh!

    Also very much looking forward to seeing you at Thought Bubble.

  • AJ

    I really love the way this is shaping Mal and Ben’s relationship. (Grammar geeks, help! Two apostrophe-S’s, or one, here?) Panel three there – it’s THICK with subtext. Mal being less delinquent and more mentor. Ben stepping up to prove he can deal with it if Mal could. Both of them testing each other from a place of new respect… I just love it.

    • Augh I love it when people notice this stuff! Can’t get enough of it.

      • AJ

        I love noticing it! Seriously, I just keep going back to that panel and shivering with delight.

    • Silly Zealot

      I shall gran thine wish for knowledge.
      It is only one “aposthrophe + S”.

      • AJ

        Blessings on you. I simply couldn’t come up with the rules for multiple possessives.

  • MissJaysika

    The O’Malley has a blue coat! I am inordinately pleased with this development.

  • Ben’s haircut is lovely, and I love that Mal is now wearing blue!
    Also, your map of the con is hilarious! “Tea”, “Expensive foods”, “middle bit” “Oh good, tea”, “BEST PART OF CON” :D

  • non_canon

    That first panel is the best summary of these three characters I’ve ever seen.
    Wolfe: I am going to do this probably very dangerous thing because it’s the Right Thing To Do, but first I will take the time to check on my friends because I’m worried about them.
    Mal: I absolutely do not want to do this but I will because I know deep down it’s the right thing.
    Ben: This is the Right Thing To Do so I will boldly stride towards it despite the odds against me.

  • Ciara

    I’m loving the new understanding they’re starting to get towards each other, it adds a cool new aspect to their relationship XD

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