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  • Booth has been acting so much like he’s one of the management that I was starting to think he was in on the plot. But I’m back to thinking he’s just a rotter.

    • Solomon

      I think he was on Hell’s Kitcehn 2034 edition when he was taken by the Hotel. His uniform looks very similar to the blue team uniform.

      • TrueWolves

        Though a small possibility, only people who visited that hotel were abducted in the end, and almost every part of that contest takes place within a single building.

    • robot_clone

      he may have actually been quite nice… before being abducted and working as a slave for who knows how long, with insufficient rest etcetera. has it been mentioned how long any of the others have been there?

      • Edie Shaw mentioned “Three hundred and four day, twelve hours, thirty-four minutes.”

      • I’m still thinking he was engaged, hence the ring on his necklace. It’d have to make a guy a little sour, being stolen away for months or years if he was about to get married.

  • =Tamar

    Why hassle the dessert cook when the main course hasn’t been served yet? Also, he’s showing off, there’s no need to carry three plates at once when it’s only going over to the trolley.

    • Rolan7

      In his defense, I’m impressed.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Given that we’re talking about a spirit of Gluttony (or someone possessed by one), they might skip over niceties like what order you’re supposed to eat stuff in. That or they might just cycle through a meals until it’s time to rest.

    • mysteriousperson

      I’m pretty sure he’s actually carrying four plates (his left hand is out of the panel)…

      • =Tamar

        You’re right, he’s carrying four.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    I find myself wondering when Sam is from.

  • Dvarin

    I wonder if that oven even has a thermostat. And baking without an electric mixer sounds like it would be painful. (Literally, as in aching arms. Though probably Alexa is tougher than I am.)

    • =Tamar

      Those weights are probably in ounces and she’s used to grams.
      The oven doesn’t look like a wood stove; it might be an early gas oven. For all their sakes I hope so.

      Sam’s bread baking takes some serious kneading (hence his muscles), and bread bakers start much earlier than the others (hence his apparent crankiness – he’s already done half a day’s work before Alexa started). Most dessert baking takes fairly ordinary stirring, but anything involving whipped cream or meringue would be a workout. They aren’t dealing with a home made dinner, they’re having to produce restaurant-size quantities.

      • Aydr

        Well, this is Widdershins. A stove might be low-enough magic for that stove to be powered by that.

        • =Tamar

          Gas tech doesn’t require electricity, though modern systems often use electricity for the pilot lights or something like that. It does require careful construction and maintenance of the piping. A gas oven, even if not fan-assisted, would improve their control over baking results.

    • It looks a lot like an Aga or a variant. Agas were only invented in 1920s so probably a more primitive version – unless the hotel nicked the oven too. It is kept heated all the time (originally by slow burning coal) and arranged so each oven is maintained a different temperature for different types of cooking. No need for fans or thermostats. Perfect low tech for Widdershins.

  • Sharon T. Rose

    I’m trying to figure out how that oven is vented. Whether it’s gas, wood, electric, or whatever, there has to be a vent pipe to take the rising heat and fumes up and away.

  • NightSprite

    Yeah, I could cope without a mixer, I could even cope with the counter scales, I might even cope with that oven but I think after a couple of days the “guests” are going to get sick of the one recipe I have stuck in my head!

  • Duke of URL

    They’re in a room full of large knives, bonesaws, clubs, potentially boiling oil, and many other weapons. WHY are they all just being good little children?

    • Alex Hollins

      because most of them have seen what happens to those that aren’t.

      • lara

        I’m sure they didn’t try to kill those two yet, but this comic is not fond of killing so it makes sence. With the story and the author I mean.

  • svartalf

    Have to wonder if Gluttony took hints from Gordon Ramsay. >:-D

  • Sanjay Merchant

    By the way, I am so out of touch with all things culinary, it took me a solid minute after first reading this to realize that “fan-assisted” wasn’t some kind of weird, fourth-wall-breaking joke. :-P

  • mistrali

    But why does the spirit, if it is indeed a spirit, need the food cooked? Couldn’t they just give it mountains of raw food? Or perhaps it’s possessing guests at the hotel.

  • Oh my god, whatserface the overly cheerful fat lady isn’t smiling! Something must be seriously wrong…

  • Somebody

    I love the way she’s just pouring on a gob of icing for that single muffin.

  • The Wing

    Hey, my youngest aunty can do that thing with the thousand million plates!
    … She served as a waitress once.

  • Michael Brewer

    I honestly wonder if Ethan knows her or something, when he’s from.

  • ChaosControl

    Just to let everyone know, the site that the author used for the cherry bakewell muffins doesn’t exist anymore, so it’d be best to just google it.

    • rip, recipe in pieces

  • Anne-US

    I had to look up Hundreds & Thousands … known to us in the US as Nonpareils.

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