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About the Comic

Widdershins is a series of Victorian-era adventure stories, set in the fictional town of Widdershins, West Yorkshire- England’s magical epicentre, home to bounty hunters, failed wizards, stage magicians, and more, besides.

Each chapter is a complete story, with a main thread running throughout. All of them are lighthearted, fun, and often comical, and I hope you enjoy them! Start reading here!

Map of Widdershins

With some locations from books 1-6 marked out for you!



The Barber Family Tree

Presented for your clarification and edification.


About the Author


Kate Ashwin is just past thirty, going a little grey, and has been making internet comics since 2002. Those last two may be related. She lives in the North of England with her very tolerant husband and an array of cats, where she draws all day and, on special occasions, leaves the house.

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  • Tom

    Hi! I bought Widdershins vol. 1 at your booth at MCM and you gave me some very helpful advice about making comics! Keep up the awesome work!

    • Aw awesome, hello! Anything specific about comics you need help with in the future, just drop me a line and I’ll try my best to help!

      • Tom

        Thanks! Will do! :)

  • Ysabel Mystic

    I’m just curious, but how many chapters are you going to have in this series?

    • Can’t say for sure, I’ve got another 4 or 5 vaguely outlined, and I’ll see how things go from there :)

      • Ysabel Mystic

        YAY! Thanks.

  • Nice work! Love the art and that it’s a period piece!

  • Elphie

    Oh my God??? Webcomic set in WY? I’m so excited!!! It’s local aaaaaaahh!!!

  • a dexitroboper

    Hi, I assume at some point there’s going to be a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, The Witches of Widdershins?

    • Archangel

      Write it. :D

  • Lorenzo Sadun

    I don’t see how the dates add up. Edmund has two kids as of 1834, so he must be 25 of so. That makes Nicola about 30, or born around 1804. But Henry and Isabelle only got together around 1791. How could they have a grandchild only 13 years later, especially via a good plain boring accountant?

  • Lina

    Hi! I’m really loving your comic for quite some time now and have been checking up on it every now and then so that I always read a few pages at a time. But I really love it more and more, and I checked up on it way more often, so… I now want to read the new pages as soon as they come out. But I can’t seem to find your update schedule on your site. I probably read over it, and it probably is on a very obvious place, but I just can’t seem find it.
    So… what is your update schedule?

    • Hello! Thanks for reading! The current schedule is Tuesdays and Fridays, though honestly it’s so late on those days it might as well be Wednesday and Saturday :) I post on Tumblr ( and Twitter ( whenever there’s a new page!

      The schedule info is in the tab name on the main page, which I suppose is a little hidden, sorry!

  • Your self portrait with your spirit essence is INSPIRED!!!

  • Seems as good a place to remark as any…. You’ve made quite the amazing progress since the beginning of Darken… both in terms of writing and art. Makes me wonder how well I’d be doing if I’d stuck with webcomics for all these years rather than giving up at the first hint of trouble… Likely not as well.
    But regrets are useless. You’re doing a good thing here. We need more of this sort of thing in circulation. Right tidy.

  • May Norwood

    I’ve just finished reading A Piece of Cake (slightly weird to start with chapter four, I know, but a friend said it was good and lent me their copy!). I really enjoyed it, and will definitely read some more! I thought the little bit about your design process in the back was great as well, that was very interesting to read :D