August 9th, 2019
Posted August 9, 2019 at 8:00 am

Last time someone was asked this they ended up with a free phone so there’s that at least, Nicola.

wrapping this one up in a couple of pages, y'all, which means it's soon time for Q&As! usual rules apply- you can post as a guest but remember to sign your name if you want it on there, there's no limit so you can ask as many as you like, any character is fine not just ones from this chapter, and if i don’t manage to use your question its not because its bad, its just because i couldn’t think of a good punchline for it :V have at it! you can also submit a question via tumblr here. 

the kickstarter for the print version of this volume will be going up at the end of august too, hope you'll check it out! 


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