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January 11th, 2012

January 11th, 2012 published on 16 Comments on January 11th, 2012

He has to keep his left arm in the circle because the bracelet is the conduit. He’s not just doing the hokey cokey.

Well, maybe both.

Less than a day left on the Fairytale Kickstarter! Now’s your chance to get in on the ground floor! Some really awesome work went into this by artists Kel McDonald, Kory Bing,  Jose Pimenta, Mary Cagle, KC Green, Kate and Steven Shanahan and Lin Visel and also me. Go and check it before it ends tomorrow!


Sid: Miss Barber!
Harry: I’m fine, Mr Malik. Carry on.
Macavarty: Calm down, Mr Long-Name-Can’t-Remember-It-All-Doesn’t-Matter! Your lovely assistant here will be fine, if you’re as educated a fella asyou seem to be!

Macavarty: Just take that statue, give it here, and we’ll be on our way, peaceful as can be.
Harry: Oh for God’s sakes.

Harry: Don’t you give this idiot anything!
Macavarty: Hush up, girlie, I didn’t ask you.
Harry: Give it to the damn spirit.

Macavarty: Quickly now, can’t be having any accidents can we..?
Sid: (biting his glove) I.. I..

(Sid sighs, then steps back into the circle.)

Sid: ..I’ll take the statue.
Macavarty: Clever boy! That’s what a university education will get you!

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Oh, right – this page might be why I forgot Sid’s Big Heroic Line from the previous page. But giving the statue really looks like the best thing to do in the circumstances – I think – I still don’t have all the rules of the Mark clear in my head, but I think its continued existence will just 1) keep Greed trapped, and 2) potentially encourage thieves to engage in more “Klingon Promotion” than they do already. Whereas letting Greed destroy it will get Harry murdered.

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