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Sid: It’s here, I think! Whatever it is, it’s..

(The chamber they step out into is large and round, with decaying tapestries on the wall and an idol in the centre, ringed by a circle of runes carved into the floor.)

Sid: ..huh.

Sid: (staring at the golden idol, which depicts a crowned, six-armed figure seated upon a stylised throne) That’s it? It’s so..
Harry: Ugly.
Sid: Uh-huh..

Harry: (standing on the edge of the circle) Though it must be worth half the king’s treasury.
Sid: (dubiously) Ah, Miss Barber..

Harry: Yes, you don’t see one of these every day.. this’ll be a good claim and no mistake.
Sid: Miss Barber!

(The mark drags Sid forwards bodily into the circle, tendrils of power reaching out to make a connection to the idol.)

Sid: About that summoning issue..!

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