July 26th, 2016
Posted July 27, 2016 at 5:53 am
If he were several decades younger.. and hadn't met the love of his life yet.. and hadn't just been shot... well okay perhaps this wasn't meant to be. Two things to mention: Thing One- I'll be at MCM Manchester this weekend! Come find me at table CE11 in the Comic Village! Thing Two: The next Widdershins Kickstarter will be launching on Friday 29th, at 7pm GMT+1 (that's London time)! Gonna try to raise the funds to get Volume Six printed up, and it'll be a chance to grab any previous Widdershins books too! There'll be a bunch of neat extras like pins and signed bookplates and a book-exclusive extra mini story about Henry and Izzy's wedding, so it's all good stuff.

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