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  • Marvelous TK

    Hi, Ben! Hi, Wolfe! Hi, unsurprising lack of Mal heading towards a massive crowd filled with emotions that would probably make his eyes explode! Hi, everyone else who was going to comment on seeing them but I beat to it!

    • Kwaj


    • Doofus

      Hi there, how are you?

  • Ragashingo

    So Lei is wanting to blow up the Widdershins anchor so her mechanical genius will once again be recognized?

  • Oarboar

    Blowing up the boat she’s on would work. It’s been done.

  • Blowing up the anchor . . . 2 possibilities:
    1-destroying it negates magic, the engineers take charge.
    2-destroying it unleashes all the spirits currently held back, world is engulfed in magical chaos.

    • I figure Lei thinks (2), which would let her have magic anywhere…

    • svartalf

      I’m figuring the same thing as fairportfan on this one- with the likelihood of “2” being the actual end-result…

  • guest

    I see Heinrich and Ben, bottom middle panel. Nice add-in!

  • Idunyken

    Hrm…magical clockwork machines + gunpowder + animation with emotion = horde of angry, flying, machine-gunning monsters?

  • JC

    but the ad is right in front of the comic! I can’t read one of the panels. Uck

    • What browser/resolution are you at? Shall try to fix it.

  • Shee Soon Theng

    Already caught up, so know what’s going to happen, but just noticed for those reading the archives… how did she know where the parade is going to be?

  • Re-reading the archives. Just noticed Ben and Wolfe this time around, thanks to the other commenters.

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