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May 16th, 2012

May 16th, 2012 published on 15 Comments on May 16th, 2012

True fact- if Ben doesn’t pick up a broom at least once an hour, he simply dies. Like when sharks stop swimming. But cleaner.

Someone made us a TVTropes page! Feel free to add to it, I’d love to see what people do with it!
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  • Marfisa

    Ben’s reactions (“I didn’t order it with…with seasoning!”) and the monkey-thing’s variously irate, puzzled, and grumpily annoyed expressions as it was dumped into the magic circle coated with flour and trussed up in a sugar sack had me cracking up with laughter repeatedly.

  • Hornet

    I take it these things aren’t supposed to speak?

    • svartalf

       I think it’s more that Mal’s been unaware that he could HEAR the spirits as well as see them.

  • Woah, I never noticed there were comments down here. I wanted to ask- I’d assumed that Harriet and Sydney were the main characters of this comic, but since the title is Widdershins is it more about the city and the world and whatnot? Or is it just that they have yet to appear in this storyline?

    • KomiIsDrawing

      The comic’s a set of short stories, so we’re on these guys for now, and we’ll go back to Sid and Harry later, someone else after that, back to these guys eventually maybe, and so on and so forth. If you’ve ever read the Discworld books, think of it like that!

  • kat

    Aw, he didn’t get to finish the cupcake? *Poor* little destructive abomination against the laws of nature….

    (This line of thinking is how I came to adopt a parrot.)

    • KomiIsDrawing

      A parrot? You are a stronger person than I..! Our old moggy is more than enough destruction for me!

      • svartalf

         Heh…  If you think those are a good source of destruction try on horses…  >:-D

      • kat

        Technically he’s a conure, what they call a parrotlet, but in practice this just means more concentrated destruction. He’s also learned to laugh, sort of: that is, he’s trying to imitate my laugh, but because conures have these little croaky voices it comes out as the most stereotypical evil villain cackle that you can imagine, and he always does it when he thinks he’s getting away with something. I have come to dread the “heh-heh-HEH-HEH” of Extremely Tiny Triumph.
        (And yes, I’ve had horses — we had a Belgian used to unload 100-pound feedsacks for us when he thought we were a bit slow on the feeding thing, which was always. The conure is worse. I’ve had dogs, cats, sheep, goats, pigs, and on more occasions than I care to count, a rampaging horde of 100 gleefully curious dairy cattle. The conure is still winning the battle for most destructive both in terms of chaos per ounce and on headcount of stuff destroyed. The cows never ate my _carpet_.)

        • RobinGoodfellow

          ….. I feel your pain. The windows in our den still look like they were attacked with a chisel, and my mother’s necklace still has a dent in one link, thanks to our late sun conure. My cockatiel is not quite up to the standard he set, but lord knows she tries… Advice to all parrot owners — do not let them sit on your shoulders after having your ears repierced. >> (Or I suppose in the case of my father and aforementioned late sun conure, don’t meet them try to do the piercing?) Also, avoid exposed bra straps and keep books out of reach!!

  • fairportfan

    O’Malley didn’t know he could do that…

  • SoItBegins

    Wait, he can hear them now? Interesting.

  • Hmm so Mal can talk to spirits even when he’s outside the circle..? Sidney could talk to Greed in his circle, but neither Ben nor Wolfe seem to acknowledge spirits talking so far in this story no matter where they are…hmm hmm! More mysteries!

    • KomiIsDrawing

      Anyone can talk to summoned spirits in the circle, only Mal’s been able to talk to Buggerups though.

  • 703 Noemi

    oh, wolfe has green eyes!

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