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November 22nd, 2013

November 22nd, 2013 published on 24 Comments on November 22nd, 2013

Practically chatty now, isn’t he.

Thought Bubble tomorrow! I’ll be in New Dock Hall, here’s a map to where I and a bunch of friends and other neat folk will be!

Hey, an anthology I’m part of is being Kickstarted right now! It’s another fairy tales book, this time African instead of Europeon tales, and it’s got some amazing names attached, go have a look!

Support the comic, buy some neat swag!

 Widdershins Vol. One | Widdershins Vol. Two 

 Downloadable Versions | Widdershins on comiXology

  • awhorl

    Stealing the ingredients to make HIS bread must require a great deal of energy indeed! Imagine the consternation in the tavern that must have stood on the spot where the Gula was built when the ingredients kept disappearing! Geez, I hope those accused of witchcraft were able to abscond swiftly.

  • Aw, he’s neat. He’s not gonna answer when he’s from, huh? Maybe it will get stated later. : 3

  • Sanjay Merchant

    So, on that convention floor map, you’re represented by Harriet. I am now picturing the booth being manned by Harriet herself, looking rather bored and irritated. (And probably cranky that she can’t smoke.)

    • Me-me

      Across the isle from Coyote, the trickster. I want to see THAT booth.

    • But who’s going to tell Harry she can’t smoke?

      • Stretch Longfellow

        Nose goes!

  • Well, that was easy. o_O

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Well, he can’t be too fussy and intransigent or he’d be getting in on Ethan’s shtick. :-P

  • Metus

    While I don’t expect it… I thought when seeing him shrug that he might come from a time before years was an usual thing. But thus far I had the feeling people could only be pulled in from after Gluttony was summoned (and going back to middle ages or something would possibly mean that the building didn’t even exist at the time).

    • or of course he could be from a post-apocalyptic future…

    • =Tamar

      If it can take people from the future, after it presumably has been defeated by our heroes, then it can take people from the past. Also, in many places during the Middle Ages people dated events by the life of the local king (“in the tenth year of King X’s rule”) and didn’t use the modern Western calendar, or started the year in March when the neighboring group might start it in January, so if he is from then, the year-date according to his calendar wouldn’t match anyone else’s and it would take major research to figure out the correlation.

      • Dud

        He calls ’em rabbits, not conies (rabbits only applied to the young until the Georgian period) so can’t be all that ancient.

        • Toastgoblin

          Ooh, the etymological gambit? Very nice. Although Kate can always claim they’re young rabbits, right?

  • FUN FACT: In some medieval depictions, Satan was rabbit-like instead of goat-like. I’m not sure what the reasoning is behind this.

    • NightSprite

      Because rabbits come out of the ground and hell is underground!


    • Me-me

      Have you _seen_ a rabbit skull?

    • Killer bunny

      My gosh, there are SO many Monty Python jokes to be made here. If you haven’t seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail, YOU NEED TO!

    • GristleMcNerd

      …because sex is bad and rabbits breed like, well, rabbits?

      • GristleMcNerd

        Besides, what’s the reasoning behind the goat-likeness, anyway?

        • I guess you haven’t met a goat yet, or you’d know!

          • GristleMcNerd

            …well of course they’re smelly loud-mouthed selfish bastards, but evil? You wouldn’t call a teenager evil, would you?

            • As someone married to a former teacher, I’d have to say it vastly depends on the teenager..!

      • CorvusCornix

        I was under the impression that various depictions of Satan are based on pre-christian gods and spirits. Like the greek satyr for example. Don’t know if I could back this up though.

  • So last night, in the midst of a much longer dream about something else entirely, I dreamed that I read the next comic after this one, and that in it these two discuss, at great length, the medieval English roots of modern English words for no apparent reason (although, this being a dream, if seemed like a perfectly natural transition and not out-of-nowhere at all). And then I left a comment being surprised at how learn-ed he was.

    Then some other stuff happened to me that I can’t remember, probably, I think.

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