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November 26th, 2012 – 3 days left on Kickstarter!

November 26th, 2012 – 3 days left on Kickstarter! published on 27 Comments on November 26th, 2012 – 3 days left on Kickstarter!

See, nothing to worry about.

3 days to go, bookmarks, sketchbook PDFs and extra epilogue stretch goals all met! Backing the Kickstarter is the only chance you’ll get to get free goodies with Widdershins books, might as well hop on while you can!

  • Curtis

    This is one version, complete with coughing up the slug. However stage magicians have died attempting this illusion. So many things can go wrong. I am happy to see another story with Harriet and Sidney.

    • Oh yes, it’s my favourite trick, this one. So many ways to frame it, so many methods to do it, so many things that can go horribly wrong.. I think it’s a dozen that have died doing this one, including the namesake for Chung Soo up there.

      • Obviously, his method is different from Chung Ling Soo’s, though.

        • Me-me

          No, he did it this way as well. ~The More You Wiki~

          • LenaruHeart

            My understanding was that the person with the gun just fired a blank, and he was holding the bullet in his mouth, like our Mr. Chung Soo used to. Which also explains why he hasn’t spoken yet.


            • CloSeph

              The ramrod has been placed back into it’s tube on the pistol so the discharge is coming directly out of the muzzle and not a secondary port, however the shot may have been a sort of flash powder that had been compacted into shape. The ramrod and shot may also have been magnetic or the ramrod may have had an adhesive on it’s head both methods would allow for retrieval of the shot to be palmed by the assistant. It is important to note that Chung never came anywhere near the pistol at any time so there was no chance for to palm the shot himself. It is still possible that he had the shot in his mouth the whole time.

              • svartalf

                In the variant that was done by his namesake, the gun had an alternate flash path with a load of powder in it to fake out the shot- almost like a blank. But the gun was also loaded for real with a real bullet and powder charge. The alternate flash path was set up to take the primer charge’s flash and go with it. He had a bullet secreted in his mouth or hands so that he could do the illusion of catching it or spitting up the bullet without wounds. The big problem was that he used a real gun which allowed a lethal failure mode with the prop- he didn’t use a blocked real path and didn’t use the traditional bullet extraction methods to get it out after the show. As a result, the alternate path got partly blocked up and allowed the real powder charge to get ignited with the bullet in it…with predictable results.

                • CloSeph

                  That alternate channel lead into the port for the ramrod, which in this performance has been placed back into that same tube. There is no other port for discharge except the muzzle, ergo the the charge can only exhaust from that point. The rest of the trick may perhaps follow the real life counterpart but this gun will not be firing through that method.

                  • svartalf

                    Just noticed that detail. Point taken.

                • CloSeph

                  Oops, missed it earlier, the assistant did not replace the rod and simply left it on the tray. This may prove to follow the real one after all

                  • No – it seems to be there. And the flash (as drawn) appears to be coming from the muzzle.

              • At least one magician was killed by a piece of the gaffed ramrod that was supposed to extract the bullet.

                It broke.

                The bullet missed him. The tip of the ramrod got him.

                • My ‘favourite’ screwup of the bullet catch was when the trick was performed correctly, but then a drunken audience member stood up and shot him with a non-rigged gun, presuming he could catch that too. He… couldn’t.

                  • San Francisco, was it? Or Denver?

                    For some reason, i thought that that was Chung Ling Soo.

            • Me-me

              He also didn’t talk to promote the illusion of the eastern foreigner. First and last time the real life version talked on stage after assuming the persona was as he died.

              Poetic, really…

            • svartalf

              Actually, in the case of his namesake, they loaded custom modified pistols that had an alternate flash path down the loading tube. In the case of his namesake, though, the Illusionist didn’t take as good a care with doing teardown of his props and the flash path he made got blocked so that the REAL one took the flash of the priming charge and the gun actually went off for real and shot him.

          • Chung Ling Soo’s method used the ramrod tube under the barrel for the actual discharge. The ramrod has been replaced in its tube here – which the original didn’t do.

            Therefore, the method is at least somewhat different.

      • svartalf

        It’s a classic. It’s got sizzle. About like some of the other death-defiance acts out and about. I’ll own that I’ve a more than passing fascination with seeing world-class illusionists and trying to figure out the how of the act. But then, I’ve been party to my own amateurish magic acts before a real audience- I was the court charlatan for several years running in a Christmas dinner theater called “The Feast of Carols” in College.

  • Needed the glass plate to shoot through to “prove” the bullet was actually fired.

  • wanderingdreamer

    Hmm, it occurs to me that in a world with magic people must have a higher standard for stage magic, must make things interesting.

    • nemryn

      Or alternately, the existence of real magic gives stage magicians another avenue for misdirection.

  • Edd

    I guess he had something in his throat.

    Its just like in “The Mask”

  • Cooper

    Hmm, I’m having flashbacks to the ‘enchanted pistols’ that Sidney mentioned in the first story.

  • The thing about the bullet-catching trick that was usually done but isn’t done here was that audience members would be invited on stage to mark the bullet that was to be loaded, and the one the magician would produce would be that marked bullet.

    Somehow the marked bullet had to be passed to the magician – or a swap would have to be made in passing the bullet he’d “caught” back to the audience committee for the mark to be verified.

    Often, the shot would be fired by a volunteer from the audience.

  • Penny

    this is an easy trick. she fires a blank, he pertends to be shot, then he spits out the peice of metal thats been in his mouth since the start. an easy trick, but it is pretty clever.

  • Lawless

    hhmmmmm… could she have fired a blank and he just had a bullet in his mouth?

  • This guy

    Cheap shot.
    Gun the wasn’t loaded, and she still missed.

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