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Piece of Cake

Piece of Cake published on 31 Comments on Piece of Cake

New story new characters oh gosh oh wow

I hope you guys enjoyed Puss in Boots, I’m happy to say that it gave me enough time to finish off Darken, which is at the printers now! And it’s still up for pre-order you know!

I also got to polish up this next story, which as you can probably guess from the cover, is going to be a bit of a weird one. Bon appetit!

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  • ohmanohmanohman I already love both of them

    • Sir_Krackalot


      Anyways, the nervous Barber and her rival, the one with the cupcakes OF DOOOOOM!

      Also, this one is about Gluttony. Which makes…four now. I’d expect either the arc after this one or the one after that to be the big one where we find out what happens when they’re all free.

  • Cooper

    Ladies and gentlemen; get hyped.

  • cody demetro

    Barber’s sister and dennis rodmen?

    • Well, if this is another Barber, she must be married, because they are Ms King and Ms Fenton. Then again that looks like a wedding ring she is wearing. She looks like the cook to me, while the scary lady with the piercings and the green hair looks like a waitress (book, pen). Looking forward to the new story proving us all wrong.

      • Shelby

        We’ve met all the Barber sisters (according to the artist/writer on her Tumblr blog). The only Barber sibling we haven’t met is Florrie’s twin brother, Edward.

        • rainycity1

          Ah, then I’m misreading Nicola Barber’s character page. For example, *I* grew up with 3 sisters as well; there were 4 girls in our family. Thanks for the note.

  • SoItBegins

    Yup, it’s Gluttony this time.

  • Anonymous

    Love the apron on the right.
    “We’ll be Pirates… with CAKES!”

  • Mujaki

    The one on the right, her apron makes me call to mind an Eddie Izzard routine, “Cake or Death.”

  • The woman with the “HG” monogram looks like a worried Amelia Bedelia. Except Amelia Bedelia is never worried.

  • HUNRonin

    New chapter looks tasty.

  • Well that’s the most anachronistic thing I’ve seen in this comic so far

    • Come back on Friday :)

  • Frankie D.
  • Curtis W. Garrett

    How about putting the vote on top web comics button back on the comic page. Please. I certainly like your work.

  • mistrali

    eeee another page! <3 Thanks for drawing this comic; you and it are both amazing. This and Gunnerkrigg Court are the only ones I read regularly.

    • Always a pleasure to share a sentence with Gunnerkrigg! Thanks :)

  • MarcusOTerra

    I don’t think it’s gluttony. I think it’s actually ENVY cause look at the faces between the two chefs.

    HAHA! I prempt the red herring!

  • Graham

    Arggh .. I missed the last 2 pages of Puss in Boots (work got in the way of computer time…) and now its gone…

    Is it possible to see those page still or are they gone forever? :(

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  • Oh… so I didn’t get to see that Puss in Boots story. =(

    We archive crawlers always miss out on those sorts of things.

    • Apologies! That one, another fairy tale, and a whole bunch of sketches are up on my Patreon though for people who pledge $3 or more though!

      • Hmmm… I don’t really trust Patreon…
        Thanks for paying attention though.

        • Fair enough :) Thanks for reading through, I love it when people do an archive dive and leave comments!

          • I’ve been doing it for years.
            Went through Darken at least twice. Not sure I left comments though.
            Is it finished now? It wasn’t finished the last time I went through…

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